Vaporizers work by heating Cannabis to just before the point of combustion. In doing so, they release the precious Cannabinoids and Terpenes without actually burning anything. The result is a light Vapor without all of the carcinogens associated with smoking. Vaporizers achieve this with the use of tiny ceramic coils mounted inside the unit.

At SacredMeds we have a wide variety of Vapes and Cartridges to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

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What are Vapes?

We’re glad you asked, please allow us explain. Vaping is the act of vaporizing Cannabis, and Vapes are the vaporizers themselves. Still confused? Well hey, let’s start from the beginning.

Even as early as 440BC, the first methods of Vaporizing Cannabis were documented. No cartridges or batteries, but Cannabis seeds placed on heated stones and inhaled to inspire joy. The modern day Vaporizers draw their origins to a series of articles that date back to 1989. Vaping was said to be a much healthier alternative to smoking because it produced no tar or carbon dioxide.

Vaporizers, or Vapes as they are now commonly referred to, work by heating Cannabis to just before the point of combustion. In doing so, they release the precious Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the Cannabis without burning anything.

The result is a light Vapor without all of the carcinogens associated with smoking. Vapes achieve this with the use of tiny ceramic coils mounted inside the Atomizer. Most current Vapes have a four part construction; A mouthpiece to draw from, a cartridge containing Cannabis Oil, an Atomizer to heat the oils, and a battery to power the Atomizer. Their simple construction makes them incredibly easy to use.

What are the advantages of Vapes?

First and foremost, it’s important to identify the health benefits of Vapes. Because nothing is actually being burnt, your lungs aren’t subjected to harsh carcinogens, carbon dioxide or tar. This alone is enough good reason to consider Vaping but the benefits don’t stop there.

In a clinical study, Vaping was said to “produce greater pharmacodynamic effects” and even produce “higher concentrations of THC in the blood”. An increased potency provided users with a stronger, safer Cannabis experience.

Vaping is also extremely convenient. Modern Cannabis Vapes are small and discreet, usually unrecognizable from other tobacco Vape products. Vapes also don’t produce heavy smoke or aromas so they are more pleasant to be around.

Thanks to their construction, Vapes are also a perfect method more Micro Dosing Cannabis. Some users only need a small amount of THC to feel its effects, with Vapes just a single small draw can be enough to offer relief.

There are a wide variety of vapes available today, ranging from large tabletop units like the Classic Volcano, to small Pens that fit easily in your pocket. As a result there are also many different Cannabis products that they can vaporize. Everything from flowers and buds, to oils, live resins, distillates and more. This makes Vapes an excellent method of customizing the Cannabis experience that best suits your needs.


Voltair VV Vape Pen Kit

The top tier Vape Pen on the market. Multiple heat settings with simple button control to help you customize your Cannabis experience. Available in a variety of colours.

OTG Pen Battery and Charger

Perfect for beginner use. The OTG doesn’t have any buttons and doesn’t need to be turned on, so it won’t heat up in your pocket. Simply draw on the mouth piece and enjoy.

710 Mini Pen Battery and charger

Perfect for use on the go, this Mini Vape offers all the smoke in half the size. It has a one temp setting button activated construction and is shorter and wider than the average pen.


CBD Cartridges by Feel CBD

A full spectrum hemp extract packed with natural terpenes. Feel CBD Carts contain no THC, PG, VG or Vitamin E. These carts are infused with natural ingredients like ylang ylang, wild orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, bergamot, vanilla oil and more for added soothing effects.


Full spectrum CBD to help provide relief from pain, swelling, anxiety, depression and more. Naturally flavoured and perfect for anytime use.


Packed with essential peppermint, vanilla and lavender oils, these carts are perfect for focusing your mind and help you find your place of Zen.


Fortified with essential chamomile, spearmint and eucalyptus oils, these carts are incredibly relaxing and help ease you into a nice, deep sleep.


Infused with essential wild orange, lime and bergamot oils, these carts provide a boost of energy and antioxidants, while improving immune functionality. Perfect to help bring you back to yourself.


Combined with essential ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla oils, these carts help bring harmony back into your life. These carts are perfect for calming that voice in your head and helping you stay focused on the task in front of you.

Distillate Carts by Bob

Bob cares about his customers and it shows in his premium cartridges. Bob’s Carts don’t use any additional additives and are all MCT, PEG, PG and VG Oil-Free. Available in;

Blue Berri

A variation of the Blueberry Indica strain. Sweet and flowery with calming and relaxing effects.

Blue Dream

Made from the Blue Dream Hybrid strain. Excellent for pain relief and relaxation. Additionally used for calming nausea and for combatting insomnia and depression.


A variation of the White Widow strain. Used for increasing energy levels while also promoting creativity.


Made from the Clementine Sativa strain. Sweet and uplifting with strong citrus flavor. Perfect for social situations or improving overall mood.

Jill Ahto

A variation of the Gelato Hybrid strain. Sweet and citrusy, providing both relaxing and focusing effects.

Death Bubba

Made from the Death Bubba Indica strain. Sweet and earthy, perfect for pain relief, relaxation and self exploration.

Pin Diesel

A variation of the Pineapple Diesel Hybrid strain. Strong earthy aromas give way to increased mood and energy levels. Excellent for daytime use.

C02 Extracted Oil Carts by Onli Flowers

Employing the latest in ceramic coil technology, these carts use absolutely no additives. Just single strain extracted oil, without the use of PG, VG, or MCT oils. In;

Granddaddy Purple

A cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle delivering a perfect blend of elevated euphoria and full body relaxation.

Strawberry Banana Kush

A cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum. With a sweet fruity flavor, Strawberry Banana Kush is known for its high THC content, and sometimes referred to as Strawnana.

OG Kush

A Californian Hindu Kush Hybrid, with a complex aroma of skunk and spice. OG Kush is the backbone of most common Westcoast strains.

Durban Poison

A pure Sativa from South America, sweet and light with amazing energetic effects. Perfect for daytime use, Durban Poison is uplifting and revitalizing while promoting creativity.


A Sativa dominant Hybrid of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. With flavours as complex as the Berry for which it is named, and strong aromas of black cherry and licorice.

Blue Dream

A Sativa dominant Hybrid of Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream has quickly become a household name. Offering strong pain relief and relaxation without heave sedative effects, this strain is perfect for those needing relief during the daytime.

C02 Extracted Oil Carts from Daily Vapes

Considered by connoisseurs to be the purest oils available, Daily Vapes produces its oil organically using a solvent-free process of extraction. What you’re left with is as close to pure as possible. Available in;

Sour Tangie

An 80% Sativa dominant Hybrid of East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. Promotes creativity and increases energy with an invigorating citrus flavor.

Gorilla Glue

Triple Crown World Cup winner in 2014, GG4 is a Hybrid of the Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister and Sour Dubb strains. Gorilla Glue’s effects include extreme euphoria and relaxation while melting away stress.


A Sativa dominant Phenotype of the Cannatonic strain, these carts have a remarkable high CBD:THC ratio. Perfect for treating pain and anxiety, and widely used to combat the effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy and MS.


A delicious Hybrid of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains, Gelato sports a sweet and fruity aroma. This strain is backed by soaring THC levels for intense euphoria and relaxation, with the added bonus of increased energy.


An Indica dominant Hybrid of Rock Bud and Sensei Star, Rockstar is a proven method of relief from headaches, pains, inflammation and sleep disorders. This strain delivers powerful effects without heavy sedation.

Girl Scout Cookies

A master Hybrid of the OG Kush and Durban Poison strains, GSC is perhaps one of the most popular strains available today. This is likely due to its intense euphoria, full body relaxation and cerebral effects, bringing home several Cannabis Cup awards.

CBD Cherry Wine

A potent CBD Hybrid of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, this strain is extremely popular amongst CBD Cartridges. This strain has smooth cherry flavours mixed with hints of cheese and black pepper.

Sour Amnesia Haze

A Sativa dominant Hybrid of Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze, this strain has won Cannabis cup top honours across two decades and is the favorite around the coffee shops of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Straight Goods Distillate Carts

Straight Goods Distillate Carts contain only two simple ingredients: High-grade solvent-less Delta-9 THC distillate and organic plant-based terpenes.

No VG, PG, PEG, MCT or any other diluents are used in making these carts. The 1ml 510 threading cartridges employ the latest in ceramic core technology. As a result, they ensure a clean, tasty pull with a unique controlled airflow. Available in:

Blueberry OG

An all Indica Hybrid of the Blueberry Kush and OG Kush strains. Blueberry OG is high in THC and low in CBD, and causes heavy sedation and and relaxation, ideal for reducing anxiety and assisting with sleep disorders.

Gorilla Glue

Triple Crown World Cup winner in 2014, GG4 is a Hybrid of the Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister and Sour Dubb strains. Gorilla Glue’s effects include extreme euphoria and relaxation while melting away stress. It’s the Straight Goods.

Lime Sorbet

An Indica dominant Hybrid of Lime Skunk and Bubba Kush, Lime Sorbet lives up to its name with an addictively delicious flavour. Sweet lime and sour berries collide for an exotically smooth smoke.

Mango Haze

A true Hybrid of three award-winning strains, Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights #5. Mango Haze is light and invigorating, providing an uplifting and energetic experience. Great to enjoy during the day for an extra little boost.

Maui Wowie

A Sativa dominant Hybrid from the Hawaiian Islands, Maui Wowie grows covered in crystals and is an experience like no other. Fresh pine, citrus, lavender and pineapple come together in this masterpiece of tropical delights. A strong euphoria and boosted energy and focus make Maui Wowie a favourite of Cannabis users around the world.

HTFSE Sauce Carts by High Voltage Extracts

High Voltage HTFSE Carts are made by just a small group of Cannabis enthusiasts. They are dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavour. All of their concentrates are made from flower grown on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Blue Guava

A Sativa dominant hybrid of the Guava Kush and Blue Dream strains. Blue Guava is a delicious blend that offers both strong euphoric and sedative effects.

Blue Gelato

A masterpiece in cross-breeding, Blue Gelato is made by crossing the Blueberry strain with Girl Scout Cookies and the Sherbert strain. The result is a smooth balance of citrus and fruit that tastes as good as it smells.

Violator Kush

A potent Indica dominant Hybrid of the Hindu Kush and Malana strains. Violator Kush has a spicy, earthy aroma that slowly gives way to a warm and relaxing full body experience. Ideal for treating chronic pain or illness.

Pink Kush

An Indica dominant Hybrid strain derived from the powerhouse OG Kush strain. Pink Kush gets its name from the tiny pink hairs that cover its bright green flowers. A very potent sedative perfect for medicinal use.

Death Bubba

Death Bubba boasts higher concentrations of THC than any of the other High Voltage HTFSE Carts. A cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush, Death Bubba is energetic and invigorating, giving way to relaxation and introspection.


Chemo, or UBC Chemo, is a heavy all Indica Hybrid conceived in the labs of the University of British Columbia for treating the effects of Chemotherapy. With a subtle woody and earthy aroma, Chemo does its job and provides amazing relief from a variety of symptoms caused by Chemotherapy and other radiation-based treatments.

Super Lemon Haze

This award winning Sativa dominant Hybrid took home first place at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup for Medical Sativa. Super Lemon Haze is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk strains and has invigorating and energetic cerebral effects.


A Sativa dominant Hybrid of Clementine and Purple Punch, Mimosa is the perfect early morning pick me up for Cannabis users. Mimosa clears your head and focuses your mind with boosts of energy and motivation. Mimosa has a delightful tropical citrus aroma and is perfect for early mornings and daytime use.

Sunset Sherbert

An Indica dominant Hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert has a sweet and fruity aroma with a light earthy flavour. It brings on an immediate sense of energy that gives way to full body relaxation and euphoria.

Purple Candy

Get ready for deep physical relaxation with this true Cannabis Hybrid. Purple Candy is deeply calming and euphoric and promotes intense feeling of happiness. Its delicious aroma of grapes and honey will leave you hungry for more.

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