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AAAA or simply Quads is the top tier of cannabis flower. All five of the grading characteristics; Appearance, Aroma, Cure, Effects and Flavour all come together to provide the perfect experience.

The flower will be visually stunning, bright greens, oranges and blues, often covered in milky white trichomes. The aroma will be pungent or “loud” and quite pleasing, with no musty or mouldy notes. The cure will be apparent in the density and resin content. The effects will be the best of the best in duration, onset and experience. Finally, the flavour will stay on your tongue and please your senses long after you’ve finished enjoying the fresh smoke.

Quadruple-A cannabis flower is the best of the best, and prices are usually reflective of the quality.

How is Cannabis Graded?

Although there are many different methods for grading cannabis, the generally approved one is the A-AAAA grading system. Each grade also has a “Plus” assigned to it, usually implying that one or more grading categories were deemed higher than the others.

When grading cannabis, “tasters” look at 5 different characteristics to gauge the overall quality of the flower; Appearance, Aroma, Cure, Effects and Flavour.


Sometimes referred to as “bag appeal,” appearance refers to how eye-catching the flowers are. For many users, this is the most important of the 5 characteristics. Flowers are analyzed for the density of the flower, the resin produced, the structure of the buds and the overall trim.


A good cannabis flower captivates all of the senses. In most cases, a strong nose is a great indicator of a complex flavour profile. Flowers are analyzed for the complexity of aroma, the aroma of the flower once removed from packaging, and the aroma of the flower once it has been ground or broken up. For example, a complex aroma is considered to have at least 3 different unique characteristics.


To be considered a truly exceptional strain, the flower must be properly cured. Flowers are analyzed for how well they have been dried and their overall feel. To obtain the highest possible grade, flowers should not be wet from moisture but rather sticky from resin content. A flower’s ability to be broken down into smaller fragments without crumbling into dust is a sign of a well-cured flower.


Because cannabis affects everyone differently, it can be difficult to gauge effects for all users with a small “tasting” team. To remove variables and provide a consistent form of measurement, flowers are analyzed on the quickness of the high’s onset, the duration of the high, and the overall comfort of the consumer during the experience.


A great-tasting flower can mean the difference in the entire experience for some consumers. Flowers that may lack in presentation or feel may blow someone away with a complexity of flavour. All flowers are analyzed for their complexity of flavours as well as their allure. When grading cannabis, the flower is both smoked and vaporized.

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