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Cannabis and Psilocybin Information

what are dabs

All About Dabs: What They Are and Who They’re For

Dabs are portions of cannabis concentrate. Consistency and potency characterize these portions. They are often sticky, which makes dabs difficult to handle without a tool. Tools that handle dabs are ‘dabbers’ or dab wands. They help to measure out small, accurate portions of concentrates like shatter, budder, and honey oil. You smoke or vape dabs

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what are dab rigs

Dab Rigs: What Are They and How Are They Used?

You’ve heard of cannabis concentrates. You may also have heard of dab rigs. But did you know the two are related? Dab rigs are used to vaporize cannabis concentrates for inhalation. The concentrate, be it BHO, honey oil, cherry oil, rosin, or shatter, is ‘dabbed’ using a ‘dabber’ onto the dab rig.  Huh? For folks

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bho butane hash oil what is

What is Butane Hash Oil (BHO)?

In this article, we will explore Butane Hash Oil (BHO), a cannabis extract that contains very high concentrations of THC. BHO, also known as honey oil and cherry oil, has been part of cannabis culture for decades.  Its extremely high concentration of THC makes the BHO experience notably euphoric and verging on psychedelic.  Chronic Pain

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using cbd for pain relief

CBD for Pain: How It Works

Many people suffering from generalized pain use CBD, cannabidiol. Understandably, being non-psychoactive is part of CBD’s appeal to a wider audience. Still, the current scientific reality is that CBD is a bit of an enigma. This is because cannabis research focused mostly on THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive cannabinoid. We know that THC interacts with the

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cannabis and sleep

Top 3 Ways to Use Cannabis For Sleep

Sleep is vital to our health. Many health problems like stress, headaches, pain, and others can often be a result of a lack of sleep. According to Matthew Walker in his eye-opening book ‘Why We Sleep’, “sleep loss increases levels of circulating endocannabinoids”.5 This isn’t surprising, as our endocannabinoid system acts across body systems to

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Weed benefits vaping

The Benefits of Vaping Weed

Here at SacredMeds, we like vaping our herb. With some of the most finely curated British Columbian cannabis strains around, taste, flavour, and experience are what cannabis culture is all about. The benefits of vaping weed kick combustion to the curb. From saving cash to saving your health, here are our favourite reasons for vaping weed.

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Our products are sent out in discrete, vacuum sealed, cardboard boxes. We do this to ensure that your products stay safe and arrive fresh. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number via email to monitor your delivery every step of the way. We ship our orders daily, any order that is received and confirmed before 12pm PST will ship on the same day. All of our packages are sent out with machine printed labels and clearly outlined delivery instructions to ensure there are no complications.

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All orders placed through our online dispensary are subject to a $10 delivery fee. This fee is to cover the cost of using tracked shipping directly to your door. On all orders over $150, we waive all shipping fees. At Sacred Meds, our customers always come first,. We offer rewards points on all of the products that we sell, or for taking time to write reviews for our products to help our other members. We ship our products anywhere in Canada. Most major cities can expect delivery within 3 business days of confirmation.

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