Buzzed – Pink Bubba RSO


Each package contains one plastic syringe.

Tested at 70.3% THC.


Pink Bubba Phoenix Tears by Buzzed

Pink Bubba RSO, made by Buzzed Botanicals, is made from fresh, high-quality Pink Bubba Cannabis Flower. Pink Bubba Indica Hybrid Strain is a rare, unique cross of the infamous Bubba Kush and the cult classic Pink Kush. A 95% indica dominant strain, Pink Bubba is a heavy-hitting sedative sought after for its potent medicinal qualities.

What is RSO

RSO, Rick Simpson Oil or Phoenix Tears, is a Cannabis concentrate made using ethanol as the solvent during the extraction process. It is named for its inventor, Canadian Rick Simpson, who originally called it Phoenix Tears. RSO has quite a high potency, with THC levels ranging from the low 20% to upwards of 70% THC, making it a strong pain reliever. Additionally, you can use RSO topically to treat a variety of skin conditions, including lesions and even some forms of skin cancer.

Benefits of RSO

Heralded not only as a method of treating skin cancer topically but also for its ability to relieve pain and symptoms of other types of cancers as well. It can also relieve symptoms of other conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Compared to other Concentrates, RSO oil is easy to make and easy to use. It is odourless, colourless and discreet. In addition, you can take RSO both topically and internally, making it far more diverse than other concentrates.

We do not recommend smoking RSO. Rick Simpson Oil, or Phoenix Tears, are best enjoyed either orally or as a Topical. If you’re looking to enjoy Concentrates designed for smoking, we recommend trying a Butane Hash Oil like Cherry Oil or Honey Oil.


1 ML, 2 ML, 5 ML


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