The extraction of Shatter has become somewhat of an art form in recent years. Extracted oils maintain their viscosity and clarity, allowing them to be poured and set like stained glass. Shatter generally has a THC concentration of 70%+, making it extremely potent. As a result, we do not recommend Shatter for first-time Cannabis users.

At SacredMeds, we offer a wide variety of Concentrates, including Shatter, to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

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What is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the many varieties of Cannabis Concentrate. It is so appropriately named because of its brittle, glass-like consistency. During extraction, it is poured and set like stained glass ranging from light amber to dark oily green.

From appearance alone, all Shatter can look the same. However, textures have a subtle variation, some being more brittle, while others have a dried taffy consistency. This variation can help determine the Cannabinoids present in the final product.

Shatter that contains a higher THC count will usually have a thinner consistency and be less brittle. At room temperature, THC is an oil, while THCA remains brittle. Concentrates with a much more fragile consistency are commonly higher in THCA, making them easier to break up. Some producers make a CBD-dominant version, usually designed for medicinal purposes.

History of Shatter

Shatter, like Budder, are both relatively new forms of Cannabis concentrate. They both trace their lineage back to the original methods of producing hash. However, most modern processes were developed in the late 90’s. It is then that Shatter was first produced and marketed. It was introduced by the same inventor of Budder, Canadian Cannabis Concentrator BudderKing, and became available in dispensaries in 2003.

Within a few short years, the methods of producing Shatter were published in Cannabis Culture Magazine. This brought Shatter instant widespread fame. By 2010, it had become a household name amongst Cannabis Concentrate users. Many of whom adopted the popular motto “If it doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t matter”.