Psilocybin Edibles are a fantastic way to enjoy the spiritual effects of Magic Mushrooms while avoiding the taste many users find to be off-putting. They are not only a convenient and delicious delivery method but also one that makes measuring doses easy and effective. All of our Psilocybin Edibles are clearly labelled to ensure you can regulate your intake accordingly.

At SacredMeds we offer a variety of Psilocybin Edibles to help you find the experience that best suits your needs

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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin, or Magic Mushrooms, is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced in certain species of mushrooms. It is most notably present in the fungus genus Psilocybe. Once ingested, Psilocybin is converted by the body into Psilocin, which causes mind-altering effects. In fact, in some cases, these effects can resemble that of LSD or even DMT.

These unique compounds bind with the serotonin receptors in your brain, reducing depression and providing an intense euphoria. These effects can also include visual and mental hallucinations and changes in perception. These changes are especially noticeable in regards to the passing of time, which seems slowed almost to a stop. Negative effects can include nausea and increased levels of anxiety. These effects are usually reserved for rare cases and are most common when the recommended doses are exceeded.

What are Psilocybin Edibles?

Psilocybin Edibles are an easy and effective way to consume Psilocybin. The taste of dried mushrooms puts off many users. Additionally, traditional methods of masking the flavour like peanut butter or yogurt won’t provide you with the exact dosage unless you are using a scale. Psilocybin Edibles take the guesswork out of using Magic Mushrooms. They provide a delicious alternative to eating raw mushrooms.

All products come with specific dosage instructions and measurements, so you can perfectly customize your Psilocybin experience. In most instances, bars or gummies are separated by 500mg doses (.5g). However, some products do contain lower or much higher doses.

It is important to do your research carefully when selecting
Psilocybin Edibles to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Much like with Cannabis Edibles, Psilocybin Edibles take up to an hour to register effects, so it is important to maintain your dosages until the Edible has a chance to work.

How long Does Psilocybin Edibles Last?

The intensity and duration of Psilocybin Edibles are subject to many factors. First and foremost is the species of mushroom. Some species also contain compounds like baeocystin and norbaeocystin. Both of these compounds intensify the psychedelic effects of Psilocybin. In addition, factors like set and setting, dosage, and individual physiology can play a serious role.

On average, effects last from 2-6 hours. However, based on Psilocybin’s distortion of the brain’s perception of time, it can feel as if they have lasted much longer.

Our Best Selling Psilocybin Edibles

Here’s a list of the products our members have the best results with.

Milk Chocolate Funghi Bars by Mastermind

These psychedelic treats are made with luscious premium milk chocolate. Perfect for users who dislike the taste of Magic Mushrooms Cocoa, a powerful antioxidant and nutritional powerhouse, facilitates optimal blood flow and contains caffeine. These factors make it an ideal carrier for psilocybe cubensis and also intensify its effects.

Chocolate Shroomicorns by Mastermind

Mastermind Chocolate Shroomicorns make micro-dosing and tripping with magic mushrooms easy and delicious. These convenient little packets contain 2 x 500mg Shroomicorns each, for a total of 1000mg (1 gram) dose of psilocybe cubensis.

Gummy Cubes by Osmosis

Gummy Cubes by Osmosis contain 1000mg of Psilocybe Cubensis strain mushrooms, popular psilocybin and psilocin-containing hallucinogens. Doses of 500mg and up can cause extra-sensory hallucinations, referred to as tripping. Psilocybe cubensis has proven extremely effective in treating the symptoms of many illnesses and traumas such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.