Edibles are a delicious way to experience Cannabis. They offer a much fuller body high compared to smoking or vaporizing. Cannabis Edibles are absorbed through the digestive tract, which takes considerably more time than absorption through the lungs, so effects can take upwards of two hours to set in. Edibles can last from 2 to 6 hours, so be prepared to enjoy sustained effects from even small doses.

At SacredMeds, we carry a wide selection of Cannabis Edibles to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

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What are Edibles?

Cannabis Edibles are any food that has been infused with Cannabinoids, typically THC and/or CBD. You can find them in a wide variety of products, but most often they come in the form of a dessert. Popular variations include Brownies, Cookies, Chocolates or Gummies. In reality, any recipe that calls for oil or butter can be made into a Cannabis Edible.

The body processes Cannabinoids differently when ingested rather than inhaled. As a result, the effects are quite unique. When ingested, Cannabis is absorbed through the digestive tract and into the liver. Even though this delays the effects, it drastically increases potency and duration. In some cases, Edibles can take up to an hour to take effect, and last upwards of 6 hours.

How to Dose

Everyone experiences Cannabis differently, and this is no different for Edibles. Due to their delayed onset and extended duration, a little trial and error are required.

First, read the packaging to understand the dosing information. Edible packages should always include milligram dosages by serving and by package.

Second, whether or not you have previously eaten can play a critical factor. Eating an edible on an empty stomach will cause the effects to onset much more rapidly than someone who has recently eaten, or has a full stomach.

A good general rule to follow for dosing Edibles is to start with a single dose of 1 to 5 milligrams of THC. After ingesting, give yourself 2-4 hours to gauge the effects before eating any more.

History of Edibles

The fascinating origins of Edibles traces their roots back approximately 3000 years to India. There, they brewed a drink called Bhang. Bhang was made by mixing ground Cannabis Flower and Leaves with clarified butter and spices. It was traditionally distributed during the spring festival of Holi, and said to provide euphoria.

From India, the popularity of Edibles quickly spread across Europe. It wasn’t long before they gained fame in Greece and Italy. In 1474 BCE, Italian Bartolomeo Platina published a cookbook, “On Honourable Pleasure and Health”, containing a recipe for a Cannabis Edible.

Edibles reached a new mainstream popularity in the 1950’s thanks to Alice B. Toklas, an American living in Paris. Her Cannabis Edible recipe was published in her 1954 book, “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook”. The recipe, called “Hachich Fudge”, actually contained no Hashish or chocolate. They were, however, rumoured to be enjoyed by Alice’s close friends Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso.

Toklas’ legend grew exponentially with the release of the 1968 film, “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!”. In the film, Peter Sellers plays a character who eats a plate of Hash Brownies and marries a hippie girl instead of his intended fiancé. After the films depiction of Hash Brownies, they became globally known in Cannabis Culture.

Our Best Selling Cannabis Edibles

Here’s a list of the products our members are having the best resuts with.

1:1 Raspberry ZZZ Bombs by Twisted Extracts

Raspberry ZZZ Bombs share the indica cannabis strain’s classic reputation for putting you to sleep. These discrete grown-up treats are a good dosage tester for new users to gauge the effects of edibles and explore the differences between sativa and indica edibles. 1:1 Raspberry ZZZ Bombs provide a pleasant, mild high for a sense of calm and relaxation. The CBD in tem helps reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. As a result, they provide relaxation without the euphoria.

CBD Peach Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts

CBD Peach Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts are a delicious, fruit-flavoured CBD edible that is discrete and easy for beginners through experienced users to enjoy. Each edible contains 8 marked portions containing 10mg of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, for a total of 80mg CBD per Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb.

BC Pineapples by SeC

BC Pineapples are part of the delicious line of cult-hit Canadian Cannabis Gummies by SeC. These chewy, tangy, tropical treats pack a 50mg dose each of solvent-free THC distillate. Each bag contains two Pineapples for a total of 100mg of pure THC. As a result, BC Pineapples are a favourite of all Edible users alike.

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