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Bliss Edibles Brand Information

Based in British Columbia, Bliss Edibles grew out of a need for potent, great-tasting edibles that consumers can trust. They understand that precise, consistent dosing and great flavour at an affordable price are of paramount importance to us all.

Their mission is to make cannabis edibles safe, enjoyable and approachable to a deserving and discerning community by driving wellness principles through their certified production methods, efficacy testing and infusion innovations.

Bliss Edibles offers consumers some of the most delicious treats on the market with zero or almost zero marijuana taste. If you are looking to lighten up and awaken your creativity, or even relax to the fullest, look no further than these Blue Raspberry delicacies.

Bliss Edibles continues to redefine the edible cannabis category to deliver relief to all who seek it.

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