Hash was the first form of Cannabis concentrate, originating in Morocco and Afghanistan, where they call it Hashish. It ranges in varieties from classics like Moroccan Gold to innovations like BC Bubble. Hash offers a full flavour profile with strong potency, causing both cerebral and physical effects, making it a great way to intensify your Cannabis experience.

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What is Hash?

Hash is one of the earliest forms of Cannabis Concentrate. It traces its origins to the Middle East, where it is commonly referred to as Hashish. Traditionally made by hand, Hash is created by adding heat and pressure to kief. As a result, it retains a flexible yet solid consistency.

It can come in a variety of colours. From a dark chocolate brown, to a khaki green or even a light sandy brown. Originally, Hash was made by pressing and rolling Cannabis resin glands. Now, most modern Hash is made using machinery.

Though Hash can be made using a variety of techniques, there is one step that is common throughout all of them. First, you must remove the trichome gland from the Cannabis Plant, then, the glands must be repeatedly pressed to form a solid.

The colour and consistency vary slightly depending on the methods used, and the base materials the Hash is made from. Sieved Hash is made by collecting the resin powder from fresh cured Cannabis. This was the most popular early form of Hashish.

Now, modern methods of production employ fine mesh fabrics to physically separate the trichomes from the Cannabis Plant. The collected Trichomes, or Kief, is then pressed and shaped into bars or bricks.

The History of Hash

Though the history of Cannabis use traces back nearly 6000 years, Hashish wasn’t introduced until the 13th Century. Hash traces its origins to Persia and Central Asia, in modern day Iran and Afghanistan. There is some debate as to its first documentation, but experts have it narrowed down to two sources.

The Hashashin Assassins

The first is the legends of the Hashashin Assassins, a religious sect with ties to Persia and Syria. These stories tell of the founding member of the Order of Assassins, Hassan-e Sabbāh. Sabbah both consumed Hash and shared it with his followers to inspire loyalty. There are some who argue the validity of these legends, claiming the Hashashin were merely religious devotees. However, the documentation of their use of Hashish is not in question.

The Legend of Sheik Haidar

The second is from the story of Sheik Haidar, a Persian Monk who practiced Islamic mysticism. Haidar founded a convent in the north-east corner of Iran near the Afghan border. There he spent over a decade in silence and isolation, meeting only with his servant. It is during this isolation that he came across naturally growing Cannabis. Curious about the plants, Haidar gathered the trichome covered leaves and ate them. Upon his return to the convent, it was said that he had a cheerful and easy going disposition. Haidar shared his discovery with other holy men, and was rumoured to have consumed Cannabis every day afterward.

Whether you believe the story of Haidar, or the Order of Assassins, it’s safe to say that Hashish was present in Iran as early as the 13th Century.

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