Moon Rocks

Moon rocks consist of Cannabis Flower that has been dipped in resin and coated in kief. The result of this combination is a truly out of this world Cannabis experience. Because of their makeup, Moon Rocks can reach a THC potency upwards of 50%. Since their inception in 2013, Moon Rocks have become wildly popular, and are now available in a variety of forms including Sun Rocks.

At SacredMeds, we offer a variety of Moon Rocks to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

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What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are comprised of nuggets of fresh Cannabis Flower coated in a Concentrate and rolled in Kief. The Flower, Concentrate and Kief can range from a variety of interchangeable types and strains. However, all three must be present for the Cannabis Flower to become Moon Rocks.

Since their inception in 2013, Moon Rocks have become one of the most popular Cannabis products available. This is thanks in most part to their ties to Hip-Hop Culture. Moon Rocks were created by former Death Row Records executive Ricardo Brown (Kurupt) and music artist Daniel Laughlin (Dr. Zodiak). After meeting in 2013 to work on a Mixtape, Brown and Laughlin quickly turned their sights to the Cannabis Industry, launching the first branded line of commercially available Moon Rocks.

Are there different types of Moon Rocks?

Because Moon Rocks can be made using any combination of strains, the possibilities are endless. As a result, so too are the wide array of effects. Moon Rocks could be made using all Sativa strains for a truly cerebral experience, all Indica strains for an extremely mellow experience, or by mixing any combination of the three core ingredients. This makes it very difficult to predict the effects from product to product.

Sun Rocks

Sun Rocks are the high end version of Moon Rocks. They have the same basic construction, however, a specific recipe must be followed to make them Sun Rocks. They are made using only top-shelf “OG” Cannabis Flower strains. The “OG” strains boast a high terpene count so the flavours and aromas are very distinct. Additionally, their calming and relaxing properties are typically much stronger than other Indica’s.

Most Sun Rocks are made using OG Kush, but any of the OG strains are acceptable. Once the right strain has been found, Sun Rocks are then coated in a solvent-less concentrate only. This ensures there are no left-over chemicals in the final product. Finally, Sun Rocks are rolled in organic kief only, usually also from an OG strain, for the highest potency and the best overall experience.

Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis Caviar is quite similar to the other products, however, it is made without the use of any kief. Choice nuggets of Cannabis Flower are dipped repeatedly in oil to give then an amber coating, resembling that of shiny caviar.

To recap; Cannabis Flower coated is concentrate only is Cannabis Caviar. Cannabis Flower coated in concentrate and covered in kief is called Moon Rocks. Finally, OG Strains coated in solvent-less concentrates then dipped in OG kief are called Sun Rocks.

Tips and Tricks

At Sacred Meds we personally test every product we offer, a tough but important responsibility. As a result, we have developed some tricks to ensuring we maximize the benefits of Moon Rocks without losing out on all they have to offer. Here’s some things we’ve learned to help with your Cannabis experience.

Don’t grind your Moon Rocks

Once you put Moon Rocks into a grinder you lose most of the kief. In addition, because of the concentrate coating the Cannabis Flower, your grinder is likely to end up wet and sticky, causing you to lose product in the process. As a result, we recommend you break them up into small pieces with a pair of scissors.

Use a Pipe or Bong

Because of their physical makeup, Moon Rocks can often be quite wet, making them extremely difficult to roll with papers or wraps. Instead, we recommend smoking them using a glass pipe or water piece. Pack your bowls gently to allow more surface areas to be burned, and when possible, use a hemp wick or matches to avoid heavy butane tastes.

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