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Now there are safe methods of letting your pet benefit from the healing powers of CBD. Tinctures for pets provide relief from various symptoms, including pain, poor mobility, hyperactivity, irritability, anxiety, and more. Above all, Just like with your own CBD use, it is important to start with a small dose until you find the right balance.

At SacredMeds, we offer a variety of tinctures to help find the experience that best suits your pet’s needs.

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The Benefits of Cannabis for Pets

More and more research is being done every day on the effects of Cannabis on animals. Increased findings show that CBD can impart the same pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects on animals as it does on humans. Much like in us humans, our pets also have an endocannabinoid system which can be out of balance. CBD works directly with all of the receptors in this system to provide fast relief.

Pets can experience relief from a variety of symptoms with the use of CBD. Firstly, CBD is excellent at relieving anxiety and stress in both humans and animals, helping to calm them down. Secondly, it can be used to help treat problems with digestion and nausea, especially in dogs. CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory, providing relief from chronic joint pain and arthritis.

Additionally, it reduces muscle tension and the occurrence of seizures in pets with epilepsy. CBD has also been used quite successfully for pain management in pets with chronic symptoms due to illness, or after surgery. It provides an all-natural alternative to heavy drugs and sedatives.

Proper CBD dosages for Pets

With all Cannabis use we follow the same mantra, Start Low and Go Slow. We preach this same practice for our furry friends as well. It’s important to remember that just like with humans, all pets react to Cannabis differently.

In most cases, we recommend starting with just a single drop before increasing dosages to recommended amounts. Again, always increase dosages slowly so that you aren’t putting too much stress on your pet’s body.

For those that are new to CBD for pets, a general guideline for finding the ideal dosage is simple. We recommend 1mg of CBD for every 10lbs your pet weighs. So if your cat weighs 20lbs, 2mg of CBD daily should be enough to provide relief. However, if you have an 80lb Dog, 8mg of CBD might be too much or not enough.

Every pet is different. As a result, we always recommend starting your doses low and working your way up slowly. In addition, we recommend keeping a log or diary for your pet. This will help you track their intake and ensure they are receiving the best care possible.

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