Gold Standard Extracts Shatter – Rockstar (Indica)


1 Gram of high-quality Shatter

70% Indica / 30% Sativa


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Rockstar Shatter by Gold Standard Extracts

This Rockstar Shatter is made from fresh BC-grown cannabis. Rockstar is a 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid and is a fantastic cross of the incredible Rock Bud and Sensei Star cannabis strains. It is the creation of cannabis seed experts Bonguru Beans. Rockstar’s parent strain Sensei Star is a potent indica-dominant hybrid, with THC ranging around 27%. Rockstar Bud is a masterfully balanced cross of 4 strains; Afghani, Afghan Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk. By combining all of these heavy-hitting strains, Rockstar provides powerful medicinal benefits while leaving the mind functional and alert. As a result, it is a preferred strain of medical patients and recreational users alike.

Premium quality shatter from Vancouver Island. Lab-tested and pure, Gold Standard raises the bar for quality concentrates.


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