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What is DMT?

What Is DMT? DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychedelic substance distilled into a powder, that is derived from sacred medicinal plants found in parts of Asia, Mexico, and South America. What is most noteworthy about DMT is its notorious effects, which have earned it the name ‘The Spirit Molecule’.  The compound itself is so simple and

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Smoke weed every day

Can I Use Cannabis Every Day? 

There are many obvious benefits to using cannabis, especially when vaped or ingested. Cannabis can help to reduce stress, induce deeper sleep, stimulate a poor appetite, and more. But can you smoke cannabis every day?  It’s a good question and deserves an honest answer. While we are purveyors of cannabis and other sacred medicinal products, we

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Is Cannabis Addictive?

Any conscientious fan of cannabis will eventually ask themselves if it is addictive. And for those using cannabis daily, you may wonder if there is cause for concern. This is an important question to ask about any substance, as it indicates mindfulness and personal responsibility.  Overall, studies conducted on cannabis and addiction have concluded that

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