Law – Variable Voltage Vape Pen Kits (650mAH)

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1 variable voltage 650 mAh battery base and 1 x USB charger

For use with 510 threaded Vape Carts

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Law Variable Voltage Vape Pen Kits

Simple push button variable voltage batteries with 510 threads. The 650 mAh battery power is perfect for running tanks containing thick oils.

Heat Settings:

Green = 3.4 Volts
Blue = 3.7 Volts
Red = 4.0 Volts


Push 5 times for on.

Push 5 times for off.

Push 3 times to change voltage.

Push 2 times to preheat.

These Vapes don’t like to be overtightened. If you try to use the Vape and the white light blinks 3 times, giving an error code, then slightly loosen the cartridge in the pen, and it should fix the issue.

Will the Law Vape Pen work with my normal Cartridges?

The Law Vape Pen is 510 threaded, which means that it works with all standard 510 Carts. All of the Carts we offer are 510 threaded to help eliminate any confusion.

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3 reviews for Law – Variable Voltage Vape Pen Kits (650mAH)

  1. Nikki

    It doesn’t have as much power as I would like for my dmt cartridge.

  2. Xander

    Not bad it usually can go for about a day before I need to charge it. Only problem I had was mine was faulty. So I gave it a Smack and good as new

  3. Bryce

    Nice kit easy to use, with 3 heating settings. Good deal for a nice product

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