Aveo – Pulse Variable Voltage Vape Pen Kits


1x AVEO Pulse Battery – Matte Rubberized Soft Touch Coating
1x USB Charging Cable

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Aveo Pulse 510 Batteries

Button Activated Pulse battery with matte rubberized coating.

AVEO Pulse 510 batteries are a popular and simple design that incorporates a temperature control algorithm designed to prevent overheating and burning of sensitive oils by sending intermittent pulses of power to the heating coil rather than a direct pulse that creates an uneven vaping experience.

AVEO Pulse batteries feature 3 different temperature control settings that can be changed by clicking the button 2 times consecutively. Blue = 2.6V, Yellow = 3.0V, Red = 3.4V

3 consecutive button clicks turns the battery on or off.

Short circuit protection: Light will flash 3 times to indicate connection issues

Light on the bottom of the battery changes to solid green once fully charged.


  • 350 mAh
  • 510 universal threading
  • Pulse heating
  • Button Activated
  • Rechargeable – charger included
  • Rubberized soft touch coating
  • 3 click on/off
  • Variable Voltage (Blue = 2.6V, Yellow = 3.0V, Red = 3.4V)

What are Vapes?

Vaporizers, or Vapes as they are now commonly referred to, work by heating Cannabis to just before the point of combustion. In doing so, they release the precious Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the Cannabis without burning anything.

The result is a light Vapour without all of the carcinogens associated with smoking. Vapes achieve this with the use of tiny ceramic coils mounted inside the Atomizer. Most current Vapes have a four-part construction; A mouthpiece to draw from, a cartridge containing Cannabis Oil, an Atomizer to heat the oils, and a battery to power the Atomizer. In conclusion, their simple construction makes them incredibly easy to use.

To learn more about the benefits of vaping, check out our blogs Smoking VS Vaping, Vaping Cannabis: What You Need to Know, and The Benefits of Vaping Weed.


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