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4″ Premium BC Sage Smudge Sticks

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Premium BC White Sage Sticks

Sage has been heralded for its spiritual and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Also referred to as White Sage, Bee Sage or Sacred Sage, Sage belongs to the Salvia family of plants. Its name comes from the Latin salvere, which means “to heal.” Spiritually, burning Sage removes toxic and negative energies, providing a person or place with fresh, renewing energies. Physically, burning sage can have a profound impact on mental, physical and emotional well-being. A number of studies have found that the use of medicinal smokes such as Sage can offer powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. In addition, these medicinal smokes can improve cognition and mood and assist with sleep quality. As if that weren’t enough, burning Sage also makes a great insect repellant.

Our beautiful Premium BC White Sage Sticks are sustainably grown and gathered by hand. Each stick is approximate 4 inches long and wrapped in a safe, environmentally friendly thread for support. These aromatic sticks make excellent incense, providing medicinal qualities while purifying your space. They are also excellent at masking the smell of Cannabis. Whatever use you may have, Sage can help to bring harmony and balance into your life.

6 reviews for Sage

  1. Dave

    Haha my wife asked me what’s wrong.

  2. Melanie

    Burns slow , good quality and price

  3. Dave

    Expel all bad juju and create a nice ethereal, creative space. Perfect for jam rooms or art studios

  4. Quinn

    Best incense for hiding the smell of weed, period.

  5. Rob

    Great for hiding the smell of cannabis, and I love the smell. Plus turns out it’s super healthy so, win win win.

  6. Sarah

    Love using sage as incense when I’m smoking inside.

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