Raw Kingsize Slim Unbleached Papers

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Kingsize Rolling Papers

These Kingsize Slim Unbleached Papers by Raw have developed a cult-like following. They offer a pure, less processed hemp rolling paper. RAW Paper is made from 100% plant material and unlike certain other brands, contains no added chalks or dyes. Above all, every puff allows you to truly taste and enjoy your smoke.

Kingsize Slim Unbleached Papers are made from the purest naturally unrefined plant fibres and are finished with a natural tree sap gumline.  Each sheet has a steam watermark with its proprietary criss-cross imprint for a smooth, even burn.

Raw Rolling Papers

Just as their name suggests, Raw Rolling Papers offerer a truly organic Cannabis experience. Raw uses only unbleached and unrefined plant fibres, without the use of GMO’s, chalks or dyes. In addition, Raw makes their papers with ethically and sustainably farmed gum from the Acacia tree to match the paper’s burn rate. As a result, Raw Rolling papers offer one of the best experiences available today.

Kingsize Slim Unbleached Papers, Rolling Papers and Wraps

Bleached or Unbleached? Regular or 1 1/4? Kingsize Slim Unbleached Papers? Whatever you’re looking for, Sacred Meds has you covered. We only stock the best quality papers from the top brands in Cannabis Accessories like Raw, Pure Hemp and OG Tip. As a result, you can find organic, ethically sourced, vegan friendly, and non-GMO papers in our sight. Additionally, we stock papers made with no added chalks or dyes for the perfect smoking experience.

Sacred Meds offers a carefully curated collection of the best Cannabis Accessories in Canada. Our goal is to help you customize your Cannabis experience. We believe that enjoying Cannabis should be easy and relaxing. With this in mind, we believe the quality of our Cannabis Accessories deserves the same high standards that we apply to our wide variety of Cannabis-based Products.


Raw Rolling Papers

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  1. Matt

    Excellent King size paper, just a little thicker than the Pure Hemp ones, and I like that.

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