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4″ Incense sticks

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Incense for Masking Weed Smoke

Immerse yourself in the sacred aromas of the Himalayas with the Tibetan Zimpu Incense, a meticulously crafted blend that encapsulates the essence of ancient rituals and the purity of the Tibetan plateau. This exceptional incense combines revered scented substances such as Musk, Sandalwood, Red and White Saffron, and Cinnamon alongside a curated selection of 25 different herbs and roots, each chosen for their unique aromatic properties and spiritual significance.

Crafted following centuries-old traditions, the Tibetan Zimpu Incense is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience. Each ingredient is carefully selected and blended to create a harmonious and soothing aroma that transcends the ordinary, inviting tranquillity and mindfulness into your space. Whether used for meditation, relaxation, or as an aromatic companion, this incense offers a profound connection to the timeless spiritual practices of Tibet.

Particularly adept at covering the smell of marijuana smoke, the Tibetan Zimpu Incense provides a clean, refreshing atmosphere, replacing any lingering odours with its rich, complex scent. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the ritualistic use of incense or anyone seeking to maintain a serene and fragrant environment.

Each pack contains 15 incense pieces, each measuring 4 inches long, ensuring a lasting experience of peace and purification. Whether lit in the morning to start the day with intention or in the evening to unwind, the Tibetan Zimpu Incense serves as a bridge to tranquillity, enveloping you in the ancient and mystic aromas of the high Himalayas.

Tip: Break the pieces into smaller-sized pieces. One whole piece can be a little much, unless it’s a large space/room, so I’ll break the sticks into 3-4 pieces and burn them as needed. An incense holder is great, but if you don’t have one, the burning pieces can be dropped into a small metal bowl or thick glass like a shot glass.




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