Viridesco – DTO – Jacks Jungle Cake (2 THC:1 CBD)

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467mg THC + 192mg CBD in each glass syringe.

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Jacks Jungle Cake 2:1 DTO by Viridesco

This vaping concentrate is created in Viridesco’s lab by blending CO2-extracted CBD with their signature Dragon Tears Oil.

This oil was created for those who want the synergistic benefits of both THC and CBD in one oil.

Inspired by ancient herbalists and alchemists, Viridesco’s goal is to provide safe, easy-to-use Cannabis products to people across Canada.

Viridesco offers accurate dosing and labelling on each of its products. They have a core value to provide lab-tested, medical-grade hemp and cannabis-derived oils for Canada’s medical cannabis community.

What is DTO

Dragon Tears RSO Oil is made from top-shelf, strain-specific cannabis. The oil is winterized, nano-filtered, and carbon scrubbed to create an incredible vaping experience. The process decarboxylates the oil, making it excellent for edible and topical uses. As well as topping a bowl, filling a vape cartridge, dabbing, or lining your rolling paper!


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