BOB Blueberry THC Distillate Cart Kits

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Kit comes with 1 Pen base + 1 cartridge + 1 510 threaded charger

Each Cartridge contains approx 0.6g of Oil

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Blue Berri THC Distillate Cart Kits by Bob

Distillate Carts by Bob offer a new spin on classic Vape Carts. Bob cares about his customers, and it shows in his premium cartridges. Bob’s Carts don’t use additional additives and are all MCT, PEG, PG and VG Oil-Free. Additionally, Bob has been crossing strains to bring you fresh new takes on old classics.

This all-in-one THC Distillate Cart Kit comes with one 510 threaded battery, one charger and one Blue Berri THC Distillate Cartridge.

Blue Berri

A variation of the Blueberry Indica strain. Sweet and flowery with calming and relaxing effects.

What are the advantages of Bob Vapes?

Above all, it’s important to identify the health benefits of Vapes. Because nothing is actually being burnt, your lungs aren’t subjected to harsh carcinogens, carbon dioxide or tar. This alone is enough good reason to consider Vaping, but the benefits don’t stop there.

In a clinical study, Vaping is said to “produce greater pharmacodynamic effects” and even produce “higher concentrations of THC in the blood.” In addition, an increased potency provided users with a stronger, safer Cannabis experience.

Vaping is also extremely convenient. Modern Cannabis Vapes are small and discreet, usually unrecognizable from other tobacco Vape products. Vapes also don’t produce heavy smoke or aromas, so they are more pleasant to be around.

Thanks to their construction, Vapes are also a perfect method for more Micro Dosing Cannabis. Some users only need a small amount of THC to feel its effects. With Vapes, just a single small draw can be enough to offer relief.

Today, many vapes range from large tabletop units to THC Distillate Cart Kits by Bob that fits easily in your pocket. As a result, there are also many different Cannabis products that they can vaporize. Everything from flowers and buds to oils, live resins, distillates and more. This makes Vapes an excellent method of customizing the Cannabis experience that best suits your needs.

SacredMeds Product Guarantee

You can return all of our disposable batteries, cartridges and pens for store credit if the product is proven to be defective. Please contact us at [email protected] to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members about making the exchange. We will accept exchanges within two weeks of delivery.



5 reviews for BOB Blueberry THC Distillate Cart Kits

  1. Jeremy

    These die fairly quickly, but are reasonably priced and last long enough on a single charge.

  2. Greg

    Clementine and Jill Ahto, both great, super citrusy, you can really taste the terpines my nose even twiched a little lol.

  3. Solomon

    I’m all about that Pen life, and I chew through carts on a regular basis. I grabbed the Pin Diesel and the Death Bubba carts and they were both great. Nice smooth pull and super consistent high.

  4. Nick

    Ge the Blueberri one it was amazing. Nice strong pull, and lasted all month, stoked.

  5. Becky

    I had the Jill Ahto which is supposed to be just like Gelato and it was. Great flavour and really steady buzz, would recommend.

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