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1 – 1.3 g of Sativa Moonrocks

Averaging 50-65% THC

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Sweet Tangerine Moonrocks Information

These Sativa Sweet Tangerine Moonrocks combine high-quality Pineapple Express cannabis flower with CO2 Oil and Peanut Butter Breath kief. As a result, they can reach a potency of 50-65% THC. An extremely potent Sativa-dominant hybrid (60%/40% and upwards of 25% THC and 1% CBD), Pineapple Express is known for its energizing and stimulating effects. On the other hand, Peanut Butter Breath boasts soaring THC levels (upwards of 28%) and extremely calming effects. As a result of this wonderful combination, these Sweet Tangerine Moonrocks are both stimulating and soothing.

The Caviar Collection hand-picks all of the Pineapple Express buds to ensure essence, flavour and potency. The buds that pass inspection are then carefully coated in CO2 Oil. Finally, the coated nuggets are rolled in Kief collected from fresh Peanut Butter Breath cannabis flower. The result is one of the smoothest, most sought-after cannabis products available.

What are Moonrocks?

Moonrocks and Sunrocks are comprised of nuggets of fresh Cannabis Flower coated in a Concentrate and rolled in Kief. The Flower, Concentrate and Kief can range from a variety of interchangeable types and strains. However, all three must be present for the Cannabis Flower to become Sun or Moon Rocks.

Sunrocks are the high-end version of Moonrocks. They have the same basic construction. However, you must follow a specific recipe to make them Sunrocks. Once the right strain has been found, Sunrocks are then coated in THC Distillate, while Moonrocks are coated in CO2 Oil.  The use of THC Distillate ensures there are no left-over chemicals present in the final product.

Because of their extreme potency, Moonrocks offer an incredibly intense high that is both mental and physical. Expect to feel a rush of euphoria immediately after using Moonrocks. After that, a slow wave of deep relaxation will eventually take over your whole body. With Moonrocks, a little can really go a long way, so be mindful of your doses. Above all, we recommend you start low and go slow to ensure the best possible experience.

How to use Moonrocks?

Ultimately the decision is up to you. In some cases, Sun and Moonrocks can be quite dense and quite sticky. Once you put Moonrocks into a grinder, you might lose some of the kief from the outside of the nugget. In addition, because of the coating on the Cannabis Flower, your grinder is likely to end up quite sticky. This will also cause you to lose valuable trichomes in the process.

Your safest bet is to first pull apart your Sun or Moonrock and gauge its consistency. If it is quite sticky, we recommend breaking them up into small pieces with a pair of scissors. If it is brittle enough to use your grinder, by all means, go ahead. In addition, if they are quite sticky, they may be extremely difficult to roll with papers or wraps. Instead, try smoking them using a glass pipe or bong. Pack your bowls gently to allow more surface areas to be burned. This will allow more terpenes and cannabinoids to be released. Lastly, whenever possible, use a hemp wick or matches to avoid heavy butane tastes.

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2 reviews for The Caviar Collection Moonrocks – Sweet Tangerine

  1. Darryl

    This is a treat!
    Amazingly potent, looks and smells wicked. Smokes beautifully!

  2. Miguel

    Great coating, lots of kief, super energetic buzz, smoked some and went mountain biking, amazing.

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