Rockstar Kush

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75% Indica / 25% Sativa

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Rockstar Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid 

This Rockstar Kush indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain debuted in British Columbia, earning it the nickname BC Rockstar. This 75% indica dominant hybrid continues to be immensely popular in the region and beyond, an exuberant, expressive strain with a bold lineage of Rockstar crossed with Bubba Kush. With a consistently high cannabinoid range, Rockstar Kush puts on an impressive performance that demands an encore. This strain has shot to the top of the list for smokers looking for an effective all-around pain killer that also exhibits the heady, euphoric characteristics of a solid Sativa. Before settling in for a relaxing evening on the couch, prepare for a spike in creativity and inspiration that will enjoyably elevate audio-visual sensations.


Rockstar Kush buds have the density and appearance of neatly shaped medium-sized spades. Flowers of fresh lime and tropical greens are beautifully encrusted with clear resinous trichomes and delicate rust-coloured pistils.


Cannabinoid Range: 27% THC

The indica phenotype predominates the effects of the Rockstar Kush cannabis strain, delivering a luxurious wind-down that begins with a rush of feel-good introspection and reduced anxieties. Be aware that Rockstar Kush will kindly suggest that you find your seats, and you might find it isn’t worth the trouble getting back up, so plan your snacks. A heavy body high will gently roll in, intensify and linger, leaving you with a pleasantly relaxed and sedated feeling. Rockstar Kush is the perfect kick-off to sleepy, couch-locked ‘me time.’

If you’ve been saving a season (or more!) of your favourite show for an indulgent binge-watching session, Rockstar Kush is the ultimate ride-along for that deep full-body relaxation and enhanced audiovisual pleasure.

The Rockstar Kush Experience


Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Sedated, Full-body Relaxation

Helps With & May Relieve

Anxiety, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Inflammation, Insomnia, Appetite loss, PTSD, Stress


Ripe berries, Diesel, Pine, Skunk, Spice, Black pepper


Pine, Spice, Ripe blueberries, Skunk, Damp earth, Diesel

7 reviews for Rockstar Kush

  1. Anonymous

    Exceptional flavor, quality buds, quality high.

  2. Dave

    Great for night time smokes to get to bed or glaze over on the couch

  3. Anonymous

    Strong, indica, high

  4. Nick

    Fresh and clean

  5. Darryl

    Crazy good batch!
    Love the heavy Indica Kush strains and this strain never disappoints.

  6. Nick

    Slightly heavy in smoke and sticky buds

  7. Thierry

    An absolute knock out, one of the better kush’s around today. Kicks in right away, super heady buzz, great flavour. Super good for my chronic back pain, couple puffs of Rockstar and I’m putty on the couch.

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