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Stamets Stack Microdose Magic Mushroom Caps

MyClarity Microdose Caps are designed to help keep you focused on the task in front of you. They contain Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis Mushrooms, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Extract and Niacin (B3). By combining these nootropics with Psilocybin, MyClarity provides an all-natural increase in brain function and cognition while simultaneously combating anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition, they may provide a more connected feeling with oneself and surroundings.

MyClarity Microdose Caps are made with all-natural cognition-enhancing plants and herbs. These substances are commonly referred to as Nootropics or “Smart Drugs.” By improving the connectivity of brain cells, Nootropics help with memory retention and cognition, increasing your cognitive abilities’ speed.

This makes MyClarity a perfect study aid, increasing your brain’s capacity to learn and reducing anxiety and improving overall mood, allowing you to study or work for longer periods without burning out. In some cases, users have found that microdosing psilocybin can act as a natural replacement for pharmaceutical drugs like Ritalin and Adderall.

These Microdose Mushroom Caps are made with the Paul Stamets Microdose Magic Mushroom Stack in mind.

What is the Paul Stamets Stack?

Paul Stamets is the most famous Mycologist in the World. Since his first book was published in 1978, he has been considered the expert in the field of psychedelic mushrooms. Paul Stamets recommends not taking psilocybin or dried magic mushrooms alone but in combination with Lion’s Mane mushrooms and Niacin. Stamets coined the term “stacking” to describe this combination, hence the Stamets Stack.

According to Paul Stamets, the stack is designed to enhance cognitive functions and help neurogenesis. By combining psilocybin with Lion’s Mane and niacin, Stamets believes that a type of entourage effect is attained, whereby the combination of the three compounds works better than any would individually.

In sum, by adding psilocybin with Lion’s Mane and Niacin, Stamets believes that the stack may have the potential to reduce anxiety and irritability, enhance cognitive functions and creativity, increase socializing, provide a greater general sense of well-being, and reduce the effects of aging. These benefits can also lead to secondary effects, such as a boosted immune system.

Botanical info

Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis

MyClarity Microdose Caps contain a carefully curated combination of natural ingredients and Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis. Golden Teachers are one of over 200 species of mushrooms containing psilocybin. Most of these magic mushrooms originated in Mexico, where there are 53 indigenous species. However, Golden Teacher Cubensis is one of 22 specimens indigenous to the United States of America. They may provide users with profound feelings of understanding and a deep, spiritual oneness with nature. In addition, Golden Teacher Cubensis magic mushrooms have been known to impart wisdom, insight and creativity.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms 10:1 Extract – 250mg

The incredible Lion’s Mane Mushroom, or Yamabushitake in Japan, or Hou Tou Gu in China, has many beneficial effects on the human body. They get their name from how they grow, resembling a white lion’s Mane. You can enjoy them raw, cooked, dried or steeped into tea. Many say they have an exceptionally “seafood” flavour, like lobster or crab. Many parts of Asia have used Lion’s Mane for centuries for culinary and medicinal purposes. Recently, it has received much attention in the micro-dosing world. Many people add Lion’s Mane to psilocybin and other naturally growing non-psychoactive mushrooms like Reishi and Chaga. Lion’s Mane has no psychoactive properties but can be highly beneficial to the brain, the heart and the gut.

Niacin (B3) – 50mg

Niacin, the B3 vitamin, is involved in the body’s energy and protein metabolism. According to the Microdosing Institute, Paul Stamets “reports that the majority of neurogenesis occurs in the nerve extremities; since niacin works as a flushing agent and carries the molecules of the other compounds across the blood-brain barrier, so it helps with the distribution of these important molecules.”

However, taking niacin is not recommended if you have: a hypersensitivity to vitamin B3; a liver disease; ulcerus pepticum (ulcer of stomach and/or duodenum); gout; alcoholism; very low blood pressure, or decreased kidney function.

Taking niacin or other B3 supplements has been known to cause a “flush” sensation on the skin, which feels like a burning or itchy feeling.  This is not the case with Niacin (vitamin B3) in the form of inositol hexanicotinate, which is used for the MyClarity caps.

The Paul Stamets Protocol

Paul Stamets recommends a protocol of four to five days on and two to three days off, essentially microdosing during the week and taking the weekend off. Over time, your body will develop a tolerance for psilocybin; that is why it is essential to take small breaks to allow your body time to recharge.

If you’re struggling to cultivate a state of calm and composure during these stressful times, try MyClarity Microdose Caps; you’ll be happy you took the leap.

MyClarity Microdose Caps may assist in an overall shift towards embracing lower-stress living. They work alongside your efforts to achieve mindfulness and an overall state of calm. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, MyClarity Microdose caps can be a powerful companion in lowering stress and protecting total body health and resilience.

All caps are 100% BSE Free with no artificial preservatives. Finally, they are also Gluten-free. If you’re struggling to cultivate a state of calm and composure during these stressful times, add MyClarity to your cart today.

To learn more about psilocybin and micro-dosing, check out our blogs Psilocybin 101: A guide to Psilocybin and its effects and Psilocybin 102: A guide to Microdosing.


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16 reviews for Psilly’s – MyClarity Microdose Caps

  1. Mitchell

    Added to both of our daily routines

  2. Andie

    gives me some energy and focus

  3. Todd

    As described

  4. Chelsey

    Really enjoy these for a relaxing evening

  5. Tara

    we didn’t love the packaging, but do appreciate the waste and space it saves! No issue with capsules or dose! Thank you for the bonus gift!

  6. Jad


  7. Crystal

    My hubby has been taking these and both of us have noticed a positive change in his focus and anxiety levels. He was struggling with super scattered thoughts and high anxiety as a result. This has allowed him to think more focused and relax and enjoy the time he has in a day!

  8. Anonymous

    effect wasn’t as noticeable as I thought they would. Might need to up dosage (x2) next time.

  9. Laura

    I find the 250 mg strong, as to be expected. I’m sad cause the niacin flush isn’t happening like I hoped. But nice product overall

  10. Mike

    I had not tried psychedelics in almost 20 years until these.

    I have tried a few different doses and felt a clarity at 200 mg. Whether placebo or real I don’t care as it certainly seemed to help my mood.

    I also decided to take a gram of these and that definitely was not a placebo effect haha. I very enjoyable experience that gave me a sense of happiness I have not felt in a long time. Great visual effects and just an amazing day.

    These may have helped me turn a corner in my mental health journey.

  11. Anonymous

    Helps to focus at work!

  12. Anonymous

    I love Microdosing I find it helps me focus and stay on task. I get way more done

  13. Anonymous

    Great product

  14. Christopher

    I like these for a boost before yoga.

  15. Normand

    Not tried yet , but certainly as effective than the other products of Psilly’s I tried

  16. Julien

    I’m a full time student and some days, I just can’t handle sitting still and typing for hours on end. I used to take Ritalin, but I hate the way it makes me feel, and Adderall seems a littlwe too drastic for me.

    These caps helps me stay on track and stay motivated, not only are they great for focus, but they also make me happy which helps make me want to keep working.

    They are an absolute miracle and I do not know what I would do without them.

    Thanks for reading guys, give these a try, trust me, you wont regret it.

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