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MyComfort Microdose Magic Mushroom Caps

MyComfort Microdose Caps contain Golden Teacher Cubensis, with 20mg of CBD Isolate, 100mg of Ashwagandha and 100mg of Tumeric with Black Pepper. Combining all of these anti-inflammatories with Psilocybe Cubensis magic Mushrooms, MyComfort by Psilly’s provides all-natural relief from aches and pains while simultaneously combatting anxiety, depression and stress. These are the perfect caps to use to relax after a long day.

MyComfort provides an increase in mood and a more connected feeling with one’s own self and surroundings. To learn more about psilocybin and micro-dosing, check out our blogs Psilocybin 101: A guide to Psilocybin and its effects and Psilocybin 102: A guide to Microdosing.

Botanical info

Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis

MyComfort Microdose Caps contain a carefully curated combination of natural ingredients and Golden Teacher Psilocybin. Golden Teacher Cubensis is a member of the genus Psilocybe. It is one of over 200 species of mushroom containing psilocybin. The majority of these magic mushrooms originated in Mexico, where there are 53 indigenous species. However, Golden Teacher Cubensis is one of 22 specimens indigenous to the United States of America. They may provide users with profound feelings of understanding and a deep, spiritual oneness with nature. Golden Teacher Cubensis magic mushrooms may impart wisdom, insight and creativity. 

CBD Isolate

The painkilling benefits of CBD are a part of a new fascinating modern focus in cannabis culture. This focus is on using breeding methods to elevate CBD levels and dampen the THC range in marijuana. Increased interest and deep research into the naturally-occurring human endocannabinoid system have drawn a lot of attention. The endocannabinoid system provides essential regulatory effects acting throughout the brain and body. CBD isolate is a crystalline solid or powder that is pure, relaxing CBD without the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. In other words, it eliminates the perception-altering effects in favour of amplifying the body-focused pain and inflammation inhibitors. CBD also helps restore the balance between crucial neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.


Ashwagandha (Organic) is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a battery of mind and body stressors. Studies have confirmed Ashwagandha’s efficacy across all body systems. They confirm its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer effects. It also influences and stimulates neurological, endocrine, and cardiovascular activity.

Tumeric with Black Pepper

Few spices have gained as much attention in recent years as turmeric. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a golden yellow spice that’s sometimes referred to as “Indian saffron.” It is also thought to play a role in managing a variety of health conditions, including arthritis, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Many of turmeric’s potential health benefits can be attributed to the active compound known as curcumin. Research indicates that curcumin may lower inflammation and improve systemic markers of oxidative stress

Like turmeric, black pepper contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it potentially helpful for managing inflammatory conditions and reducing free-radical damage. Research has shown that piperine, the main active ingredient in pepper, may reduce inflammation associated with chronic diseases like asthma, arthritis, chronic gastritis, and Alzheimer’s,

Journey & Effects of MyComfort Microdose Caps

All MyComfort Microdose Caps contain Golden Teacher Cubensis strain magic mushrooms. They are one of the most popular strains of psilocybin and psilocin-containing hallucinogens. Doses of 500mg and up can cause extra-sensory hallucinations (tripping). However, in micro-doses of 250mg and lower, the psychotropic effects are much softer. Rather, you may experience sensations of overall physical and emotional well-being. In addition, you may notice higher sensitivity to sensation and touch. Microdosing psilocybin may offer a sense of calm, mental clarity, and increase feelings of compassion and gratitude. Above all, psilocybin can provide a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. 

MyComfort Microdose Caps will take about 10-50 minutes to take effect. Daily use can yield significant cumulative results within a week or more. Satisfied customers suffering from chronic stress have confirmed that MyComfort Microdose Caps helped them deal better with stressful social situations and self-consciousness and feel more resilient, positive, and motivated. Micro-dosing psilocybin may help to boost alertness and creativity while helping to reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

How to use Microdose Magic Mushroom Caps

When considering a plan for microdosing, it is essential to remember that not all regimens will be the same. Some people choose only to microdose when they need the extra boost, while others develop a routine to follow. Because everyone experiences psilocybin differently, there is no perfect schedule for microdosing.

Paul Stamets, the renowned mycologist, recommends four to five days on and two to three days off, essentially microdosing during the week and taking the weekend off. Over time, your body will develop a tolerance for psilocybin; that is why it is essential to take small breaks to allow your body time to recharge.

It is beneficial to mentally prepare and set your intentions ahead of time when micro-dosing. This will help you get the most out of your experience. While micro-dosing psilocybin and adaptogens helps with stress reduction and mood regulation, their efficacy relies on your active participation. MyComfort Microdose Caps may assist in an overall shift towards embracing lower-stress living. They work alongside your efforts to achieve mindfulness and a general state of calm. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, MyComfort Microdose caps can be a powerful companion in lowering stress and protecting total body health and resilience.

If you’re struggling to cultivate a state of calm and composure during these stressful times, try MyComfort Microdose Caps; you’ll be happy you took the leap.

MyComfort Microdose Caps may assist in an overall shift towards embracing lower-stress living. They work alongside your own efforts to achieve mindfulness and an overall state of calm. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, MyComfort Microdose caps can be a powerful companion in lowering stress and protecting total body health and resilience.

All caps are 100% BSE Free with no artificial preservatives. Finally, they are also Gluten-free. If you’re struggling to cultivate a state of calm and composure during these stressful times, add MyComfort to your cart today.


50mg – 5 Pack, 50mg – 30 Pack, 100mg – 5 Pack, 100mg – 30 Pack, 250mg – 5 Pack, 250mg – 30 Pack

11 reviews for Psilly’s – MyComfort Microdose Caps

  1. Anonymous

    As advertised

  2. Ramanjeet

    Good for small dosage

  3. Andie


  4. Todd

    As described

  5. Cameron

    First time micro dosing psilocybin and this worked way better than I ever could have thought. Changed my life for the better. Will be using this brand for as long as they keep making it!

  6. Crystal

    I am definitely noticing a difference in my mental state for the positive. I don’t notice any difference in pain with the CBD & Turmeric addition but taking separate Tumeric and additional CBD makes me feel 100 times better!

  7. Eric

    Love these for social events and for micro dose

  8. Anonymous

    Wonders at night time!

  9. Melanie

    I definitely require a stronger dose to feel even subtle effects, but I appreciate the lower dose to help figure that out . The CBD is helping with my degenerative disc disease . Great price !

  10. Normand

    You will sleep ! 50 mg psylo is better for me than 100mg

  11. Benji

    20mg CBD caps cost more than these do and these have shrooms in them, no brainer.

    Excellent for relaxing, very chill vibe, and 50mg is the perfect dose to not feel the effects of the shrooms, just a nice happy mellow vibe.

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