Pre-Rolled Hash Joints (Indica)

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80% Premium Cannabis Buds + 20% Pink Death Kief


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Premium Pre-Rolled Indica Hash Joints

These joints are made from premium Indica Cannabis Buds mixed with Pink Death Kief. These J’s should be well over 30% THC! They’re Indica dominant and great for relaxation and pain relief.

New and improved Sacred Pre-Rolls! We’re working on making some of the best pre-rolled Joints in Canada. This is a collection of some of our finest buds mixed with premium Kief Hash. These Joints are made in small batches with love, so limited quantities are available. We grew tired of seeing overpriced yet poorly produced pre-rolled joints or Moonrock options in the market, so we decided to offer our own. Don’t judge them on their low price; judge them on their perfect roll, and perfect strain and concentrate combos. They may not be overly large but be careful they are potent!

We pride ourselves in offering convenient access to Cannabis. What is more convenient than joints that are already rolled for you? Sacred Pre-Rolls are a great way to enjoy Cannabis when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. We believe that using Cannabis should be as easy as possible. With this in mind, we offer a variety of pre-rolled Cannabis for you to enjoy.

All of our Pre-Rolled Joints are made from fresh premium Cannabis flowers. We never use shake or trim in our Sacred Premium Pre-Rolls, ever. Instead, we offer only premium Pre Rolls made from the best BC Craft Cannabis we can find.

The reusable, smell-proof plastic tube is great for transporting Cannabis or storing your roaches to minimize the smell.

Our Cannabis Commitment

At SacredMeds, we take our commitment to Cannabis very seriously. We were growers and activists long before we ever moved online. This experience shows in the quality of Cannabis we offer. We stock the top-rated and most sought-after strains from across British Columbia. Our team of cultivation experts is second to none; as a result, we only provide BC’s finest Craft Cannabis. That same Craft Cannabis goes into all of our Sacred Pre-Rolls.


Tom Ford Pink Kush 3 x 0.5g J's, Tom Ford Pink Kush 2 x 0.75g J's, Death Bubba

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  1. Darlene

    Very strong good

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