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1 Gram of THCA Diamonds

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Meat Breath Diamonds by YTFC

Meat Breath Diamonds by YTFC pack a serious punch. These THCA Diamonds test over 98.5% pure THC-A and will surprise you with their incredible taste.

Meat Breath is a cross between Meatloaf and Mendo Breath. Grown and locally sourced in B.C. Most notable aromas include earthy pine, clove and hops. Immensely smooth and tangy on the exhale while asserting spice box and citrus notes.

Known as a balanced Sativa, Meat Breath is quite diverse and eases you into a  buzzing euphoria that is social and happy. There is a calming undertone that resounds throughout the experience. Most notable is a heightened energy that is present for hours. Overall, we can’t get enough of that Meat Breath.

What are THCA Diamonds?

The term Diamonds is used to refer to the crystalline structures that develop in the production of Sauce. They are clearly visible in the mixture after the initial terpene sauce has been removed. As a result, these crystals are usually covered in residual sauce. Diamonds can also refer to the THCA crystals isolated during the refining of oils.

The only real difference in the production of Sauce and Diamonds is the extraction process. In the end, both the terpene rich sauce, and the isolated crystals can reach levels of 99% THCA. It is important to remember that on their own, Diamonds do not contain any THC. It isn’t until being heated that the THCA is converted into THC and released.

There are many different factors that determine size and appearance. Surprisingly, none of them involve the original parent material. Instead, Diamonds get their characteristics from a range of other influences. The different solvents used in the extraction process will cause a change in appearance. Additionally, the overall temperature and moisture content play a huge roll in the final product. Finally, all these factors will impart small chemical impurities, each of which can affect the consistency as well. In fact, some terpenes can even cause their own impurities and hinder crystallization.

Using Meat Breath Diamonds by YTFC

In their raw form, Diamonds don’t contain any active ingredients. As a result, they are ineffective if added to food or baked into edibles. The only way to enjoy the purity and strength of Diamonds is heat them past 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It isn’t until reaching this temperature that the THC will be activated and released. We recommend using a dab rig for best results, however, they can very well be smoked or vaped.

Just like with all of our products we recommend you follow one simple mantra; Start Low and Go Slow. If you are new to Concentrates, we recommend starting with a lower concentration before using Diamonds.

Effects of Diamonds

The impacts of using THC diamonds are intense and not for the faint of heart. When comparing THC crystals to the average marijuana plant, it is easy to see the difference to get an idea of the possible experience you should expect. Cannabis flowers contain an average of 20%-25% THC, and THC diamonds contain almost a full 100%. The potency of using THC crystals is 4 times stronger than that of your common dried herb.

2 reviews for Yaletown Flower Company – Meat Breath Diamonds

  1. Julien

    One of the best Diamonds I have seen, perfect nice little crystal balls. Lit up the rig and boy did they burn clean. Terrific smoke and very very strong. Great find!

  2. Aleks

    In my humble opinion, Diamonds are the number one way to smoke marijuana.

    No mess you big bad smell, quick and strong, and hits you super fast. My favorite way to smoke.

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