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1g of Cold Cured Rosin

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OG Kush Rosin

This OG Kush Rosin by YTFC is an exceptional indica-dominant concentrate. OG Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid is the most popular cannabis strain in the USA. It is particularly popular in the neighbourhoods of Southern California. What’s in a name? Though the term “OG” is the well-known acronym for “Original Gangster”, in the case of cannabis, it actually means “Ocean Grown.” This 75% indica dominant hybrid has earned its stripes over many generations of cross-breeding to achieve perfection. For instance, OG Kush is a Tripple Crown Winner, having won all three of The Highlife Cup, The Medical Cannabis Cup and The Spannabis Cup awards. OG Kush’s lineage is ChemDawg crossed with a Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush cross.

The name lives up to the bravado of this buzz-inducing high roller straight out of LA’s San Fernando Valley. OG Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid cannabis strain’s gassy terpene make-up has extremely heavy overtones of limonene. It will have you feeling like you’re hurtling down the LA freeway, nostrils filled with lemon zest and diesel. However, this OG is no menace to society. The potent body buzz Indica fans love brings along a heady punch of Sativa phenotypes. The OG Kush high is overwhelmingly creative, uplifting and extremely sociable

The YTFC Rosin is a powerful Cannabis Extract that has a variety of therapeutic effects. It can instantly transport you to a blissful state of calmness and relaxation. As a result, many medical patients prefer YTFC Rosin. Its ability to soothe aches and pains comes almost instantly, as do its effects on anxiety and depression. YTFC Rosin also shows great benefits in users suffering from mild insomnia and chronic fatigue. YTFC Rosin is light yellow in appearance, with a similar consistency to putty.

What is Rosin?

YTFC Rosin is a Cannabis Concentrate made without the use of external solvents. Instead, a combination of heat and pressure produces Rosin. This combination forces the compounds containing the trichome gland out of the Cannabis plant. It is in these glands that you will find all of the delicious cannabinoids and terpenes that give Rosin its signature flavour.

The extraction process doesn’t employ any harsh chemicals or solvents. As a result, YTFC Rosin is safer to consume. In addition, the process of extraction is safer as well. This process serves as an alternative to closed-loop extraction. Similarly, the collection of essential oils uses this process as well.

YTFC Rosin comes in a variety of colours and consistencies, dictated by the amount of heat and pressure used during extraction. It is commonly made into Shatter and Wax but also is available as Budder.

History of Rosin

Rosin was first introduced back in 2006, but it didn’t gain widespread fame until 2015. It was then that Phil Salazar was taking photos and posting them online while pressing some lower quality Hash.

While pressing the Hash, Salazar noticed resin had begun seeping out of the side, leaving the original product dried and unusable. Salazar quickly tried replicating the process, pressing hash between pieces of wax paper with the flat iron on his wife’s hair straightener. Once he ran out of Hash, Salazar switched to Cannabis Flower with the same results. The newly created oil became known as Rosin.

Rosin production has come a long way since 2013. Now, they make it on a much bigger scale. Modern processes commonly use large screens and giant industrial presses.

4 reviews for Yaletown Flower Company – OG Kush Rosin

  1. Julien

    If you love dabs as much as I do you should definitely check out this Rosin.

  2. Nicki

    Hilarious, I live in Yaletown and now I wanna know where the Yaletown Flower Company is!

  3. Jamie

    I love dabs, ever since I started smoking weed I always said “damn I wish they could make this stronger” well bingo.

    This Yaletown Flower Co Rosin is amazing. Super bright high and very intense. It is much better than a lot of other Rosin I have tried.

  4. Derek

    Yo, dabs are my game and this Rosin was hella tight. Nice smooth burn and super intense high. Would fo sho recommend.

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