FUBAR Moonrock Mini J’s – Indica

Joints made with AAAA Buds, THC Distillate, and Kief.

0.75 Gram Joint.

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FUBAR Moonrock Joints

Moonrock Mini Joints are made with premium quality Cannabis Buds, 97% THC Distillate, and Death Bubba Kief. The Buds are ground up and mixed with Kief and then rolled up into the joint. The Joint is then coated in THC Distillate and then covered with more Kief on top. They may be small, but they’re not for the faint of heart.

Why are they called FUBAR Joints? FUBAR is Canadian slang for Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition; this seems like a fitting title for these Joints.

How to Smoke a FUBAR Moonrock J

There’s so much THC Distillate on these joints that they can be a little difficult to smoke. Here are some tips and techniques that we learned from selflessly testing many of these joints.

-It’s best to keep the J’s in a cool environment like a fridge. If the joint warms up too much then some of the distillate may rub off in the container.

-Do not try to pull the joint out of the container if it’s sticking to the side; instead, tap the side of the container on a hard surface, and the Joint should come loose.

-You may want to use a small, clean container like a shot glass to put your joint into when it’s not being held. It’s best if the joint is mostly held pointed down so the distillate can roll down to the tip. You may even want to pass the shot glass around with the Joint as some distillate may fall from the Joint.

-Every now and then, when the distillate is really heavy at the tip, you may want to hold it vertically so the distillate flows towards the base and doesn’t drip off.

-If you have an ashtray, then ash into there, but it’s best not to leave a FUBAR joint laying in an ashtray as the distillate will cause any ash in the ashtray to stick to the Joint.


These Joints are really potent! They’re great for heavy-duty evening relief.



Pinkman Goo, White Truffle


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