Exus Twister Vape Pen + Battery Kit

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Comes with 1 variable voltage 1100 mAh battery base and 1 510 threaded charger

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Exus Twister Vape Pen

The Exus Twister Vape Pen offers a variable voltage dial heat setting and a lifetime warranty. In addition, it also has a preheat function. The Twister Rechargeable Battery has a universal 510-thread to use with all your favourite cartridges. This battery kit comes in Silver, White and Black and has a 15-second preheat function for all your vaping needs. Of course, the Charger is included.

To turn the Exus Twister Vape Pen on, press the button five times quickly; this is the same for turning the Pen off. To adjust the heat setting, turn the dial on the bottom of the Pen to your desired location. The Exus Twister also has a preheat function. Press the button twice to start the 15-second preheat. As a result, this allows the coils to heat up, making using the Pen much more efficient. To cancel the preheat function, press the button one more time.

What are Vapes?

Vaporizers, or Vapes as they are now commonly referred to, work by heating Cannabis to just before the point of combustion. In doing so, they release the precious Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the Cannabis without burning anything.

The result is a light Vapour without all of the carcinogens associated with smoking. Vapes achieve this with the use of tiny ceramic coils mounted inside the Atomizer. For example, most current Vapes have a four-part construction; A mouthpiece to draw from, a cartridge containing Cannabis Oil, an Atomizer to heat the oils, and a battery to power the Atomizer. In conclusion, their simple construction makes them incredibly easy to use.

Will the Exus Twister Vape Pen work with my standard Cartridges?

The Exus Twister Vape Pen is 510 threaded, which works with all standard 510 Carts. As a result, all of the Carts we offer are 510 threaded to help eliminate any confusion. You can find our 510 threaded Vape Carts available from Daily Pen, Onli Flowers, High Voltage, Straight Goods and Bob’s Carts.

To learn more about the benefits of vaping, check out our blogs Smoking VS Vaping, Vaping Cannabis: What You Need to Know, and The Benefits of Vaping Weed.


White, Black, Silver

1 review for Exus Twister Vape Pen + Battery Kit

  1. Ron

    Been looking for a new pen for a while, and I absolutely love the manual heat setting, if I just want a little puff,keep it low, If I wanna get to outer space, crank it, amazing.

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