Dino Eggs Cubensis

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Dino Eggs Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

Dino Eggs Cubensis, often referred to as Eggs, is renowned for its potent psychedelic effects, making it a sought-after strain among experienced users. The specific effects can vary from person to person, but here are some common experiences associated with

Dino Eggs Cubensis Effects

Visual Distortions: Users often report intense visual hallucinations, including vibrant colours, patterns, and geometric shapes. These distortions can be both mesmerizing and mind-bending.

Altered Perception of Reality: Dino Eggs Cubensis can lead to a profound shift in one’s perception of reality, with some users describing a feeling of interconnectedness with the universe or a dissolution of the ego.

Euphoria and Introspection: Many individuals experience a heightened sense of happiness, introspection, and self-discovery during their trip. It’s common to have deep insights into one’s thoughts and emotions.

Time Distortion: Time may seem to slow down or lose its conventional meaning, leading to a sense of timelessness during the experience.

Enhanced Creativity: Some users report increased creativity and a surge in artistic or philosophical ideas while influenced by Dino Eggs Cubensis.

Emotional Release: These mushrooms can bring forth repressed emotions or memories, providing an opportunity for catharsis and emotional healing.

Dino Eggs Botanical Information

Dino Eggs Cubensis are characterized by their small, rounded caps that resemble miniature dinosaur eggs, hence the name. The caps typically measure between 1″ in diameter by 1″ in length. The coloration can vary from pale white to light brown, often with a slightly translucent or caramel-like texture. The stem of these mushrooms is thin and elongated, typically growing to around 6-9 cm in length.

How to use Dino Eggs Magic Mushrooms

We recommend having a spotter with you if this is your first time using Dino Eggs Magic Mushrooms. This could be someone close and trusted who is either completely sober or a seasoned, well-informed tripper.

Either way, you should share your trip with people you enjoy being around. Mushrooms bring down a lot of emotional defences and barriers. It is ideal that you only partake when you have plenty of time to enjoy them and are around people you sincerely trust. For instance, this can be a fun, potentially profound or even life-changing experience.  Therefore, it is worth taking the time to set it up properly to maximize your enjoyment. With good people, good vibes and a sound state of mind, you’ll have a great time when you’re ready.

Experiment with the dosage by starting small, as it takes 10-50 minutes to take effect. Choose 0.5-1 gram or less for a beginner, 1-2 grams for infrequent users and 2.5 grams and over for experienced trippers.

Every time that you ingest another dose, you stand to lengthen and intensify a trip that could already last for up to 6 hours. Having plenty of time to experiment will eliminate any worry you might experience about this, which will, in turn, make your trip more enjoyable. The less you have to worry about overall, the better your trip will be.

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  1. Gabriel

    Love this one!

  2. Marie

    Great shroom

  3. Mitchell

    As advertised!

  4. Dave

    Nice count

  5. Mitchell

    Great visuals and thought overdrive!

  6. Gabriel

    Love Dinos for the experience

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