Viridesco Oil – Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil

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Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil

1ml and 5ml syringes available

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil

Viridesco makes this Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil from fresh, high-quality Cannabis Flower grown right here in British Columbia. Then, they package it in an easy-to-heat glass syringe for the most effortless application possible.

Blackberry Cream is one of the most unique and delicious strains around. It is a cross of the already tasty Blackberry Kush and the creamy and smooth Cookies and Cream strains. An Indica Dominant Hybrid (75% – 25%), Blackberry Cream has soaring cannabinoid levels (25% THC – 2% CBD) and a flavour to match.

Ripe berries and sweet cream take center stage on the nose and the palette, accented by light wood, earth and herbs. The effects come on quickly and provide a happy euphoria. In addition, blackberry Cream is an excellent stress reliever and mood enhancer, making it an ideal strain for relaxing after a long day of work. The elevated sense of calm will invite in a wave of complete body relaxation. As a result of these combined effects, Blackberry Cream is ideal for combatting mood-based disorders like depression and anxiety.

Inspired by ancient herbalists and alchemists, Viridesco aims to provide safe, easy-to-use Cannabis products to people across Canada. In partnering with companies like Patron and Convectium, they have designed a syringe and a filling system that is second to none.

Cherry Oil Information

Cherry Oil is a highly potent form of cannabis oil. It is made by extracting cannabinoids from a proprietary blend of only the highest-quality Kush Indica strains. In addition, Cherry Oil is extracted using Butane, allowing for cannabinoid retention of 65-75% THC.  As a result, the effects are solid and long-lasting and provide exceptional relaxation and pain relief. Cherry Oil gets its name from the deep cherry appearance of this potent concentrate. It is also one of the only concentrates that come in liquid form.

Effects of Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil

It helps to relieve: low appetite/ eating disorders, insomnia, pain, muscle spasticity, muscle aches, glaucoma, nausea, and anxiety.

Uses for Cherry Oil

Vaping, smoking, topical and oral/edible needs


What is BHO?

BHO, or Butane Hash Oil, is a Cannabis extract that uses Butane as an organic solvent. Once extraction is complete, the oil is put through Winterization, where it is frozen for several days. This process ensures that the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles remain intact in the final product.

BHO can come in many different forms, such as budder, sauce and shatter. The consistency of BHO’s depends on the techniques used during the extraction, separation and purification processes. Variations in these techniques will provide different results; in fact, some strains are even more likely to produce certain textures than others. The active Cannabinoid in BHO is THC, though many other cannabinoids and terpenes will add different effects. In most cases, BHO can reach a potency of upwards of 80% THC.

Is BHO Safe?

Butane extraction processes have made huge advancements over the years. Not only have technological advances improved safety, but also increased the overall purity of the oil. Additionally, new refining techniques remove many residual chemicals that would have previously ended up in the final product. These new methods ensure that BHO’s like Cherry Oil is as safe and as clean as possible. Unfortunately, some producers still use old extraction methods, leaving residual chemicals behind in the final product. That’s why we only deal with accredited producers to ensure you receive the cleanest product every time.

To learn more about BHO, check out our blog What is Butane Hash Oil (BHO)?


1ml Glass Syringe, 5ml Plastic Syringe



2 reviews for Viridesco Oil – Blackberry Cream Cherry Oil

  1. Anonymous

    Love it

  2. Georgina


    I’ve been using BHO’s for years and this glass syring is a game changer. Just a few seconds under a lighter and the oil pours so smoothly and evenly! Amazing product, 10/10 recommend, get one while you can!

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