OG Tips 1 1/4” Rolling Papers

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One package containing 50 x 100% pure rice rolling papers

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1 1/4″ Rice Rolling Papers

One of the original products of the OG Tips family, these papers have the best all-around taste available. OG Tips Rolling Papers are made with 100% rice paper for a smooth, slow-burning experience. For those new to the use of rolling papers, Rice papers are generally thinner than other papers. As a result, you burn less paper and more Cannabis.

What is a Rice Rolling Paper?

The best rice rolling papers are made from all-natural ingredients, meaning it’s basically just processed and pressed rice. These rolling papers are usually thinner than others. This is a good thing for your lungs but may require a little more effort when you’re rolling. This smooth paper might not grip well between your fingers and it’s pretty vulnerable to certain conditions, especially damp air. Forget smoking with these papers when it’s raining outside. Rice paper is thin, yet burns slowly. The little material used for a single sheet makes it a good choice for your health and for enjoying your weed without almost any external aftertaste.

Why Chose 1 1/4” Rolling Papers by OG Tips

Sacred Meds offers a carefully curated collection of the best Cannabis Accessories in Canada. Our goal is to help you customize your Cannabis experience. We believe that enjoying Cannabis should be easy and relaxing. With this in mind, we believe the quality of our Cannabis Accessories deserves the same high standards that we apply to our wide variety of Cannabis-based Products. We believe Rolling Papers by OG Tips are the best Rice Rolling Paper available.

2 reviews for OG Tips 1 1/4” Rolling Papers

  1. Anonymous

    Nice papers

  2. Robbie

    Great papers, super thin, great for rolling, even burn, love me some rice papers!

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