Budder is a Cannabis Concentrate typically made using propane or butane in the extraction process. Once the oil is extracted it is quickly whipped to give it a lighter and fluffier texture. This also causes the THCA in the oil to harden and crystallize. As a result, you are left with a waxy malleable concentrate that is perfect for smoking, vaping or dabbing.

At Sacred Meds we carry a variety of Concentrates, including Budder, to help you find the experience that best suits your needs.

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What is Budder?

Budder, also referred to as Butter, Badder or Batter, is one of the many consistencies of Cannabis Concentrates. The terms Budder, Butter, Badder and Batter, all refer to overall consistency, texture and appearance of the concentrate. In fact, all of the names given to Concentrates like Sauce, Shatter and Diamonds are used to describe appearance. These names don’t necessarily have any relationship to the strength or potency of the product, except in the case of Diamonds, but more about that later.

Budder is characterized by a soft solid consistency, just like that of a stick of butter. It can range in colour from a soft light gold to sandy brown, and even a dark green. Often a result of the creation of Resin, Budder is generally made using a solvent based extraction technique. In some cases, a process called “auto-buddering” can occur to concentrates that are exposed to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity before winterization. Budder retains an exceptionally high terpene profile, providing a smooth full flavoured Cannabis experience.

What are Badder and Batter?

Just like Budder, Badder and Batter are just terms used to describe the consistency, texture and appearance of the concentrate. In the case of Badder, there are many different variations and appearances that can occur during the extraction process. For the most part, Badder has a malleable texture just like that of cake frosting, but can be stickier like a sauce or even more brittle like a crumble. All depending on what organic materials and which methods of extraction were used.

History of Budder

Budder was first created in the 90’s by a Canadian concentrate maker by the name of BudderKing. In 2003, he partnered with Don Briere, founder of Vancouver’s Da Kine Smoke Shop, to produce a product call “Budder Hoots”. Just over a year later, The Da Kine Smoke Shop was raided and subsequently shut down. This only caused demand for Budder to grow, creating an opportunity for other concentrate makers to emulate BudderKing’s style.

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