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Room 920 Brand of Magic Mushroom Edibles

For centuries, people have used magic mushrooms for their many therapeutic, medicinal, and spiritual effects. Despite this, shrooms have had a troubled reputation in Canada. Room 920 is determined to change that mindset and expose the many positive benefits of Psilocybin Magic Mushroom usage. 

What Is Room 920?

Room 920 is a Canadian brand that makes amazing mushroom edibles. They’re dedicated to bringing the freshest, most effective Mushroom products to all of Canada. Every Room920 product includes premium psilocybin and top-notch, restaurant-grade food ingredients. 

Room920 believes that every Canadian should have access to the medicinal, recreational, and spiritual effects of psilocybin products.


Room 920 Products

The Room 920 catalogue is headlined by their chocolate Magic Mushroom Bars and Jellies. They are a favourite of many locals and have been a staple in the mushroom community for some time now. Perhaps their most popular product is their milk chocolate Mushroom Bar. These items are just as potent as they are delicious.

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