Viridesco – MK Ultra Live Rosin

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1g of Cold Cured Rosin

433 mg THC per 1g

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MK Ultra Rosin by Viridesco

This rosin is mechanically pressed without solvent from MK Ultra Flowers grown in British Columbia. MK Ultra induces powerful and hypnotic cerebral effects. It came in 1st place in the indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003. Its scent is a long-lasting piney, earthy sweet with a hint of mustiness. The smoke of this strain is very smooth.

Because the THC in this extract is not fully decarboxylated, it could be eaten for the benefits of THC-A with a less pronounced psychoactive effect.

What is Rosin?

YTFC Rosin is a Cannabis Concentrate made without the use of external solvents. Instead, a combination of heat and pressure produces Rosin. This combination forces the compounds containing the trichome gland out of the Cannabis plant. It is in these glands that you will find all of the delicious cannabinoids and terpenes that give Rosin its signature flavour.

The extraction process doesn’t employ any harsh chemicals or solvents. As a result, Viridesco Live Rosin is safer to consume. In addition, the process of extraction is safer as well. This process serves as an alternative to closed-loop extraction. Similarly, the collection of essential oils uses this process as well.

Viridesco Live Rosin comes in various colours and consistencies dictated by the heat and pressure used during extraction. It is commonly made into Shatter and Wax but also is available as Budder.

History of Rosin

Rosin was first introduced back in 2006, but it didn’t gain widespread fame until 2015. Then, Phil Salazar took photos and posted them online while pressing some lower-quality Hash.

While pressing the Hash, Salazar noticed resin had begun seeping out of the side, leaving the original product dried and unusable. Salazar quickly tried replicating the process, pressing hash between pieces of wax paper with the flat iron on his wife’s hair straightener. Once he ran out of Hash, Salazar switched to Cannabis Flower with the same results. The newly created oil became known as Rosin.

Rosin production has come a long way since 2013. Now, they make it on a much bigger scale. Modern processes commonly use large screens and giant industrial presses.

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  1. Sonny

    First time trying this brand, hit a dab with my pen and it hits hard!

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