THC Distillate by Supernova

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Each package contains 1g of THC distillate oil.

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THC Distillate from SuperNova Extracts is one of the all new, re-engineered Concentrates by Phyto Extractions. Their premium line of concentrates are all made from 100% organic bud runs. in doing so, they are able to retain a maximum amount of flavour.

Additionally, all of the concentrates are subject to longer purge times. This ensures that there are no residual chemicals left in the final product. As a result, these extracts are considered “fully de-waxed”. SuperNova Extracts are made in small, hand crafted batches from a brand new state of the art extraction system.

THC Distillate by SuperNova is available in Strawberry (sativa) or Zkittles (indica).

A word from Phyto Extractions

“At Phyto Extractions, quality is central to everything we do. Why? Because we know that what goes into our products has a direct impact on the desired, consistent experience you expect from them.

It’s a commitment that we can trace back to the earliest days of our company’s history. You see, we’re not newcomers to this industry. We didn’t just decide to jump aboard the legalization train. Instead, as passionate advocates, and members of the Canadian cannabis industry, we have been producing award-winning concentrates since 2015.”

How to use THC Distillates

Yes, THC Distillates are extremely potent, but they are also exceptionally diverse. There is no limit to they ways you can experience them. Distillates come ready to use.  You can enjoy them on their own, or add them to Cannabis Flower, combine into a Topical, or cook into Edibles with relative ease.

Additionally, as they are packaged in glass syringes, measuring units of THC Distillate is far easier than measuring other Concentrates. This makes them ideal for cooking with. In the case of edibles, they deliver cannabinoids into the body without any unpleasant plant-like tastes or aromas.

You can also take THC Distillates on their own. Just a few drops under the tongue is all it takes to receive the beneficial effects. You can also use Distillates as a topical. Simply rub it in to the desired area for fast localized relief from aches and pains.

Finally, you can be smoke or vape Distillates with relative ease. These cartridges have become more and more popular as they allow manufacturers full control over the flavour profile of the final product. As THC distillates are generally colourless and odourless, these flavours don’t change when they are added.


Zkittles (Indica), Strawberry (Sativa)


Phyto Extractions, SuperNova

2 reviews for THC Distillate by Supernova

  1. Laurie

    Couple drops under the tongue and you’re all set. Great syringe and super easy to measure. Great product.

  2. Davinder

    I love to cook with cannabis, even since I was young I’ve loved it. Making canna butter or oil can be difficult and measurement is usually based on guesswork.

    With these syringes i can add exactly as much THC as I want to a recipe and guarantee dosage. I just made cherry gummie bears and they turned out perfectly. I’m gonna make a frosting with it next.

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