Klar THC Distillate

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Each package contains 1g of THC distillate.

Available in Raw and Bruce Banner flavours.

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THC Distillates by Klar

THC Distillate by Klar are brought to you by the good people at ScienceLab. These glass syringes contain premium THC distillate that ScienceLab then infuses with a blend of cannabis and plant-derived terpenes. Typical THC %’s for the strains is around 94% with Raw being a slightly higher percentage around 96% because it contains no cannabis or plant terpenes.

Daily lab tests these concentrates to ensure they contain no residual byproducts of any kind.  That means no fillers, no artificial flavours, no Propyelene Glycol, no Vegetable Glycerin or anything else unnatural. Distillates by Klar are artisanal craft quality and always small batch.

What are Distillates?

THC Distillates by Klar are a cannabis extract that has been carefully refined. This refining process removes all materials and compounds except one specific Cannabinoid, either THC or CBD. Depending on the process used in production, Distillates can reach a potency of up to 98%.

They are created using a solvent, usually alcohol, to isolate either the THC or CBD in the Cannabis Flower. After that, they are run through a strict refining process that separates the Cannabinoids from the original plant matter. The final result, a light liquid that can be used it a variety of different ways.

How to use THC Distillates

Yes, Distillates are extremely potent, but they are also exceptionally diverse. There is no limit to they ways you can experience them. Distillates come ready to use. You can enjoy them on their own, or you can add them to Cannabis Flower, combine them into a Topical, or cook them into Edibles with relative ease.

Additionally, as they come in glass syringes, measuring units of Distillate is far easier than measuring other Concentrates. This makes them ideal for cooking with. In the case of edibles, they deliver cannabinoids into the body without any unpleasant plant-like tastes or aromas.

You can also take THC Distillate by Klar on their own. Just a few drops under the tongue is all it takes to receive the beneficial effects. You can also use this type of oil as a topical. Simply rub it in to the desired area for fast localized relief from aches and pains.

Finally, you can smoke or vape distillates with relative ease. These cartridges have become more and more popular as they allow manufacturers full control over the flavour profile of the final product.


Raw, Bruce Banner

1 review for Klar THC Distillate

  1. Mo

    Perfect for adding to joints bongs or vapes, I like to put a couple drops on some weed in the bong, takes me to a real good place.

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