Cannabis Trim – Zombie Kush

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90% Indica dominant hybrid

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Zombie Kush Cannabis Trim

Zombie Kush Cannabis Trim is a by-product of the art of trimming. Trimming is where freshly cured flowers are manicured into buds. In other words, trimming leaves behind mostly leaves and the odd small stem. Our Premium Trim comes from the final trim of premium indica dominant Zombie Kush cannabis strain. Marijuana is trimmed for several reasons, and they are not limited to aesthetics. However, this is certainly important to the ritual of enjoying and smoking cannabis. Above all, trimming flowers helps them cure optimally.

Experienced smokers will admit to the simple pleasures of crushing the last scraps of trim to a fine, crystal-rich powder. These potent scraps are superb for vaporizing and producing edibles. Expert trimming guarantees better airflow across the surface area of the bud and its delicate resinous trichomes and leaves. As a result, it increases potency and significantly reducing the likelihood of mould formation. Our Zombie Kush cannabis trim is ready for decarboxylation, which is similar to vaporizing cannabis like our Premium Shake.


Premium BC Craft Cannabis Trim comes from Zombie Kush. Above all, its pungent, intense flowers are known for their purple sage and dark olive green leaves. In addition, you can expect to find a decent amount of kief sticking to the sides of the bag. This is a result of an accumulation of trichomes from the leaves. Finally, the taste is deliciously floral, fruity and skunky.


Cannabinoid Range: up to 15% THC

Indica-lovers looking for a go-to ‘house’ strain for casual smoking, vaping and cooking need look no further. Smoking Zombie Kush premium buds are typically an immersive, night-time experience. However, smoking Zombie Kush premium cannabis trim produces a mellower high. For instance, with a lower cannabinoid range of up to 15% THC, novice smokers will truly appreciate the slightly mellower experience. After that, marijuana enthusiasts will find it interesting to produce Edibles and Topicals. For a varied flavour and slightly higher Sativa-dominant effects, check out our Premium BC Craft Cannabis Shake. If you prefer a product with reliably indica-dominant phenotypes for cooking edibles, grab a bag of our Premium Trim today!

The Premium Cannabis Trim Experience

Effects & Feelings

Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Full-body Relaxation, Relaxed, Sleepy

Helps With & May Relieve

Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety


Ripe berries, Tropical fruits, Pine, Soil, Spice


Herbal, Citrus, Black pepper, Damp earth, Lavender, Pine


4 reviews for Cannabis Trim – Zombie Kush

  1. Colin

    I got so high smoking this trim in my bong, man

  2. Candice

    Great shake for making my homemade edibles. More little buds than leaves. Very Impressed.

  3. Darryl

    Good quality trim!
    I use it to roll hash joints.

  4. Parker

    Great deal on an OZ of trim. I love to bake my own edibles and most of the time trim is either trash or it’s too expensive. The butter I made with it was fantastic, great taste and consistency and definitely packed a punch. Will 100% re-order once I’ve eaten it all.

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