Premium BC Nug Hash

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Premium BC Nug Hash

Premium BC Nug Hash is a premium, high-grade Craft Cannabis Concentrate. It is made with a combination of premium, top-quality Keif and high-grade Shatter. This combination delivers a powerful full flavoured concentrate for your enjoyment. As a result, it is great on its own, or added to Cannabis for an extra kick.

Because of the terpene rich flavour profile, Premium BC Nug Hash is a preferred concentrate amongst discerning critics. It is made without the use of any solvents, so there are no residual chemicals in the final product. The trichome rich Kief blends perfectly with the brittle shatter to create a soft, pliable, sticky Hash.

What is Premium BC Nug Hash?

Hash is one of the earliest forms of Cannabis Concentrate. It traces its origins to the Middle East, where it is commonly referred to as Hashish. Traditionally made by hand, Hash is created by adding heat and pressure to kief. As a result, it retains a flexible yet solid consistency.

Hash can come in a variety of colours. For instance, it can range from a dark chocolate brown, to a khaki green or even a light sandy brown. Originally, Hash was made by pressing and rolling Cannabis resin glands. Now, most modern Hash, like Premium BC Nug Hash, is made using machinery.

Though Hash can be made using a variety of techniques, there is one step that is common throughout all of them. First, you must remove the trichome gland from the Cannabis Plant, then, the glands must be repeatedly pressed to form a solid.

The colour and consistency vary slightly depending on the methods used, and the base materials the Hash is made from. Sieved Hash is made by collecting the resin powder from fresh cured Cannabis. This was the most popular early form of Hashish. Products like BC Nug Hash are made by combining Kief and Shatter to form a new type of Concentrate.

Now, modern methods of production employ fine mesh fabrics to physically separate the trichomes from the Cannabis Plant. The collected Trichomes, or Kief, is then pressed and shaped into bars or bricks.

3 reviews for Premium BC Nug Hash

  1. Connie

    Amazing Hash, great smell, great taste. Smoked it in my pipe and it burned forever.

  2. Hassan

    Stellar product. Absolutely loved the taste, nice and salty like a good hash should be. I tried both this one and the regular BC nug hash and this was clearly the “premium” variety. Thanks.

  3. Oliver

    Huge fan guys, this one was an absolute knockout. So tasty, one of the best cleanest tastes I’ve experienced in a Hash. And the High? Forget about it, blasted.

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