Cannalife Pleasure Oil

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THC per unit: 10ml : 167mg THC | 30ml : 500mg THC

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Pleasure Oil

This Pleasure Oil by Cannalife is a topical cannabis aphrodisiac used to activate pleasure zones, unlock energies, and enhance orgasm. This ancient formula uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis to bring blood flow and sensation to the affected area.

Apply generously on and inside erogenous zones. Do NOT use this product as a lubricant, coconut oil will breakdown latex condoms and toys. If you intend to use during intercourse, use a non-latex condom. Do not use while pregnant.


Alleviate pain, Relax muscles, Reduce inflammation, Warming sensation

Pleasure Oil by Cannalife Ingredients

THC per unit: 10ml : 167mg THC | 30ml : 500mg THC

Liquid coconut oil (MTC), CO2 extracted THC oil, essential oil blend of myrrh and frankincense.

Let’s get Topical

The use of Cannabis Topicals dates back thousands of years. In fact, they are one of the first recorded methods of Cannabis use. Ancient Egyptians praised Cannabis for its healing abilities. They recorded methods of using it improve over-all eye health and combat glaucoma. But what are they exactly?

A Topical is a Cannabis product designed to be applied directly to the skin. Simply rub the product into the affected area, and you will begin to feel the soothing effects within minutes.

Topicals offer a quick and effective method of providing pain relief, without the added mental and euphoric effects. This makes them appeal to a wider demographic of users. Topicals bond with the receptors in your skin, working locally, and don’t generally make their way into your blood stream. As a result, you can use them in almost any environment.

Healing Benefits

As we mentioned before, Cannabis Topicals bind with the receptors in your skin. Tiny Cannabinoid receptors that activate quickly CBD cover our skin. In addition, our skin has many other receptors which are also targeted by Topicals. The combined effects provide excellent anti-inflammatory properties, while drastically reducing pain.

Topicals provide quick and easy relief from headaches and tension. You can also use them to relieve muscle soreness, cramping and pain. They are also widely used to improve overall skin health, while combating skin irritations like psoriasis and dermatitis. Their balance of healing properties is perfect for reducing redness and inflammation while also providing soothing effects. As a result, one of their most popular uses is skin care. Cannabis Topicals also have incredible restorative properties, They are ideal for assisting in the healing of burns.


10 ML, 30 ML



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  1. Darren

    Wanted to try and spice things up a bit with the misses, and this worked, don’t be shy, give it a try!

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