Phobos Cubensis

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Phobos Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

SacredMeds, online dispensary in Canada, introduces Phobos Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Phobos), a novel and rare strain crafted by Mycocat Genetix. Originating from an isolation of the Albino Mars variety, Phobos stands out in the psychedelic landscape for its exceptional potency and unique aesthetics. This strain is particularly suited for experienced users due to its powerful effects, though newcomers to the world of psilocybin can explore its depths at lower dosages.


The creation of Phobos Magic Mushrooms is a testament to the innovative spirit of Mycocat Genetix, a name synonymous with quality and pioneering in the field of mycology. By isolating a specific trait from the Albino Mars variety, Mycocat Genetix introduced a strain that boasts above-average potency and a distinct appearance. This careful cultivation and selection process has resulted in a mushroom strain that is both a visual and experiential delight, offering a unique journey into the realms of consciousness.

Botanical Info

Phobos Magic Mushrooms exhibit a special and distinctive look as they mature into fruits. The mushrooms are characterized by their all-white to grey coloration, typical of many albino strains, yet they are distinguished by a small grey or grey-blue circular marker at the center of the caps. These fruits grow short and stubby, with caps that tend to open widely and curl outwards, presenting a striking visual that hints at the uniqueness of the experience they offer.


Due to its above-average potency, Phobos delivers an intense and profound psychedelic journey, marked by deep introspection, vivid visual enhancements, and a heightened sense of connectivity with the world around. The experience can lead to significant emotional, philosophical, and spiritual insights, making Phobos a powerful tool for personal development and exploration. While seasoned psychonauts will find Phobos an intriguing addition to their exploratory repertoire, new users are advised to approach this strain with caution, starting with smaller doses to gauge their sensitivity to its potent effects.

Provided by SacredMeds, Phobos Magic Mushrooms are available to those across Canada seeking to explore the depths of their consciousness or to embark on a journey of self-discovery and psychological growth. SacredMeds ensures that this rare and potent strain reaches its customers with the utmost discretion and security, making profound psychedelic exploration accessible right from the comfort of home.

4 reviews for Phobos Cubensis

  1. Jeremy

    Potent and cool looking.

  2. Megan

    It was more of what I’m used to, not quite too strong but good effects and will make you sleep wonderfully when it’s all done.

  3. Mitchell

    HD a fantastic trip!

  4. Mitchell

    Had a wonderful experience with these

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