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80% Indica – 20% Sativa

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Nuken Indica Dominant Hybrid

This Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid with an undeniable, long-lasting buzz. It shares many of the sought-after phenotypes with other BC buds. This 80% indica dominant hybrid is a cross between British Columbian favourite God Bud and a blend of two Shishkaberry strains. While leaning heavily towards its Indica ancestry, Nuken maintains enough of its Sativa roots to keep your mind alert and provide a small boost of energy. Finally, it has a sweet, marshmallowy, vanilla scent, coupled with a potent skunk finish. Similarly, the flavour follows the same sweet to sour profile.


You can identify Nuken dense buds by their large, furry, minty green appearance. In addition, covering each bud is a layer of dark, olive green leaves. These leaves have a fine electric orange hair accent. Each fluffy nug is covered lightly dusted with a super fine layer of trichomes that leave them dripping with crystal dust. These resinous crystals help give Nuken its signature strength.


Cannabinoid Range: up to 25% THC

You can expect a long-lasting and potent experience with the Nuken strain. The effects are first felt in the body, starting in your spine and slowly spreading to your whole body. You will notice aches and pains melt away instantly. The effects of Nuken are coupled with a deep and meaningful introspection that can take your mind on a journey without your body having to go anywhere. As a result of all of these effects, Nuken is ideal for treating chronic pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

The Nuken Experience

Effects & Feelings

Calm, Euphoria, Full-body Relaxation, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sedated, Sleepy, Talkative, Well-being

Helps With & May Relieve

ADD/ADHD, Appetite Loss, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Headaches, Hyperactivity, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Nightmares, PMS, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury, Stress


Sweet, Skunky, Vanilla, Sour


Sweet, Skunky, Marshmallow

2 reviews for Nuken

  1. Joshua

    Great strain for sleep and nice big dense buds!

  2. Mel

    Yes. Yes. Yes. This is the one. I can’t tell you how many different strains I tried to help me sleep and this is the one. I’m a full time nurse and the shifts are super long and afterwards, I just wanna fall asleep. Most strains keep me up just a little bit too much, I’m very sensitive to the THC, but not the Nuken. Out like a light and slept like an angel. For all my careworker friends out there who have trouble falling asleep after shift, try smoking one of these, trust me.

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