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Moroccan Pressed Hash by Love Collective

Moroccan Pressed Hash by Love Collective follows the same recipe as the original Hash’s made in Morocco and Afghanistan. The trichome rich Indica strains native to the Hindu Kush region of the Middle-East are perfect for making Cannabis Concentrates. As a result, the dense sugary buds and deep relaxing euphoria combine to make a Hashish that is coveted around the world.

Moroccan Pressed Hash by Love Collective has a rich auburn and chestnut colour. As soon as you open up the package, the delicious sea salt and molasses aromas will fill the air. Similarly, the flavour carries much of the same notes, with rich brown sugar on the finish. For those who are familiar with Moroccan Pressed Hash, you know words cannot simply do it justice. Above all, this is how hash should look and smell.

What is What is Moroccan Pressed Hash?

Hash is one of the earliest forms of Cannabis Concentrate. In fact, it traces its origins to the Middle East, where it is commonly referred to as Hashish. Traditionally made by hand, Moroccan Pressed Hash is created by adding heat and pressure to kief. As a result, it retains a flexible yet solid consistency.

It can come in a variety of colours. From a dark chocolate brown, to a khaki green or even a light sandy brown. Originally, Hash was made by pressing and rolling Cannabis resin glands. Now, most modern Moroccan Pressed Hash is made using machinery.

Though Hash can be made using a variety of techniques, there is one step that is common throughout all of them. First, you must remove the trichome gland from the Cannabis Plant, then, the glands must be repeatedly pressed to form a solid.

The colour and consistency vary slightly depending on the methods used, and the base materials the Hash is made from. Sieved Hash is made by collecting the resin powder from fresh cured Cannabis. This was the most popular early form of Hashish.

Now, modern methods of production employ fine mesh fabrics to physically separate the trichomes from the Cannabis Plant. The collected Trichomes, or Kief, is then pressed and shaped into bars or bricks, like Moroccan Pressed Hash by Love Collective.

3 reviews for Love Collective Moroccan Pressed Hash

  1. Darryl

    My kind of hash, smokes beautifully and has a wonderful earthy taste.

  2. Candice

    Perfect hash. No harsh burn. Tastes great. Easy on its own or added to a doobie. I like it!

  3. Emre

    Great all around hash, can smoke it all on it’s own or add it to joints, also goes great in the vape.

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