Moonwalker Premium Pre-Rolls – Tom Ford Pink Kush

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1.75g Twax Cone

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Tom Ford Pink Kush Twax Cones

Moonwalker Premium Pre-Rolls challenge you to defy gravity. These Tom Ford Pink Kush Twax Cones are meticulously hand-crafted with a specific combination of fresh BC cannabis, golden kief and premium THC Distillate. To pair with the Tom Ford Pink Kush, Moonwalker uses Wedding Cake Kief for the best combination of potency and flavour. Each cone weighs in at a whopping 1.75g. Moonwalker has spent countless lunar cycles in the lab perfecting their proprietary method of rolling these twax cones. The end result? A zero-waste, pre-rolled cone that is truly out of this world.

Tom Ford Pink Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid

This Tom Ford Pink Kush is an Indica Hybrid, much like its namesake and possible parent Pink Kush. Research yields precious little information about this 80% indica dominant hybrid’s origins and family tree. Luckily, chromatographic analysis can fill in enough of the mystery to make some impressive facts known about this rare premium cannabis strain. Also known simply as “TFPK”, as well as Island Pink and Super Pink, Tom Ford Pink Kush packs all the typical phenotypes indica-lovers seek. Many Sativa-lovers will also enjoy this unique sweet and sour smoke. With a reliably potent cannabinoid range of up to 25% THC, Tom Ford Pink Kush produces heavy, euphoric psychoactive effects, veering towards mild audio-visual enhancements and a warm, dreamy full-body buzz.


The aroma and appearance of Tom Ford Pink Kush are noteworthy and add to the overall experience of smoking these delicious buds. The orange-pink hues and milky trichomes visually enhance the faintly honey-scented terpenes that accompany the powerful indica-dominant buzz. As with all premium cannabis strains exhibiting high-ranking cannabinoid levels, Tom Ford Pink Kush is a hybrid for Sativa-lovers and indica-lovers.

Experienced smokers who prefer Sativa-dominant strains may find that with some focus and a concentrated effort to organize activities before toking, it is worth implementing Tom Ford Pink Kush’s intensely euphoric mind-state for productive tasks. Indica-lovers can chill and relax into a powerful body high, perfect for night-time smoke. The body soothing phenotypes take hold quickly as the happy head rush of the rapid onset mellows slightly. As always, for those relying on cannabis as a safe alternative to pain medication, this Pink Kush relative dulls the ache of a wide range of aches and pains.



Sativa, Hybrid, Indica

2 reviews for Moonwalker Premium Pre-Rolls – Tom Ford Pink Kush

  1. Nick

    Must try

  2. Solomon

    TFPK in a Moonrock PR?!?!?!?!?! Wow, I have died and gone to Stoner Heavan!!!!

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