The Caviar Collection Moonrocks

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These Moonrocks consist of premium flowers that are coated in CO2 oil and then rolled in a thick coat of Kief.

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Moonrocks by The Caviar Collection utilize a proprietary blend of high-quality Cannabis flower, distillate and kief make them powerful, consistent, and slow-burning.

Every single Cannabis flower is hand-selected for potency and flavour. Once the flower has passed through a rigorous quality assessment, it is carefully coated it with pure distillate testing up to 94 percent THC. Finally, each magical rock is rolled in a crystal coating of kief.

Moonrocks by The Caviar Collection promise a top-shelf experience with every rock. The potency of each Moonrock varies, depending on the combination, but expect between 75 to 90 percent THC.

What are Moonrocks?

Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks are comprised of nuggets of fresh Cannabis Flower coated in a Concentrate and rolled in Kief. The Flower, Concentrate and Kief can range from a variety of interchangeable types and strains. However, all three must be present for the Cannabis Flower to become Moon Rocks.

Because Moon Rocks can be made using any combination of strains, the possibilities are endless. As a result, so too are the wide array of effects. Moon Rocks could be made using all Sativa strains for a truly cerebral experience, all Indica strains for an extremely mellow experience, or by mixing any combination of the three core ingredients. This makes it very difficult to predict the effects from product to product.

Don’t grind your Moonrocks

Once you put Moon Rocks into a grinder you lose most of the kief. In addition, because of the concentrate coating the Cannabis Flower, your grinder is likely to end up wet and sticky. This will cause you to lose product in the process. Alternatively, we recommend you break them up into small pieces with a pair of scissors.

Use a Pipe or Bong

Because of their physical makeup, Moon Rocks can often be quite wet. This makes them extremely difficult to roll with papers or wraps. Instead, we recommend smoking them using a glass pipe or water piece. Pack your bowls gently to allow more surface areas to be burned and more terpenes and cannabinoids to be released. Lastly, whenever possible, use a hemp wick or matches to avoid heavy butane tastes.


Cake Batter (Indica), Original (Sativa), Sweet Tangerine (Sativa)


Caviar Collection

3 reviews for The Caviar Collection Moonrocks

  1. Arden

    My boys at the art studio told me about moonrocks so I had to find one. The five us us shared 1 moonrock and we were all super stoned. Painting a rad piece, stoked about it.

  2. Candice

    Unreal. Smooth taste. Nice mellow high. Easy to smoke. Burns consistently. Highly Recommend.

  3. Richard

    Tight little nug all dusted in kief, great moonrock,

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