Gold Standard Extracts – HTFSE Terp Sauce

Contains 1g of HTFSE Terp Sauce

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HTFSE Terp Sauce

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) are complex, potent cannabis extracts that are extremely high in aromatic terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids.

What is HTSFE Sauce?

Many factors can change the texture, consistency and colour of the concentrate. However, Sauce always maintains a high THC content. Therefore, though the consistency of Sauce may vary, it usually contains tiny crystals of concentrated THC. In some instances, these crystals build up enough to cause the concentrate to become gritty.

What sets Sauce apart from other concentrates is the high terpene profile and isolated Cannabinoids. The sauce is just a broken-down version of Shatter, where the terpenes and cannabinoids have separated naturally. Based on this separation, Sauce can vary from use to use.

How HTFSE Sauce is Made

The extraction process should provide a uniform colour and consistency when making Budder or Shatter. In these cases, Cannabinoids and Terpenes should balance perfectly throughout the final product. However, the goal when making Sauce is to allow the Cannabinoids to crystallize and separate from the terpene-rich syrup.

If the crystals that form are quite large, they will often be separated from the syrup to make Diamonds. This process is affectionately known as Diamond Mining.

Manufacturers will use the remaining syrup in the making of vape cartridges. For example, some extractors will even use the terpene-rich syrup with Distillates to make strain-specific vape carts. Because distillation removes flavour from the Cannabinoids, combining it with these terpene-rich syrups provides the perfect balance of strength and flavour.


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