Creating Better Days Fortify CBD Pet Tinctures

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30ml bottle

3 strengths available: 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg CBD

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Fortify CBD Pet Tinctures

Fortify CBD Pet Tinctures formula puts your pets body into alignment and helps to prevent endocannabinoid deficiency. Medicinal ingredients include 99% pure hemp derived CBD to promote balance and create homeostasis. The CBD Oil is mixed with pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, they offer support for brain health. Finally, antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil to increase immunity and improve cardiovascular health. As a result, with all of these ingredients combined, Fortify CBD Pet Tinctures is fantastic for reducing anxiety and relieving pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Proper dosages for CBD Pet Tinctures

With all Cannabis use we follow the same mantra, Start Low and Go Slow. We preach this same practice for our furry friends as well. It’s important to remember that just like with humans, all pets react to Cannabis differently.

In most cases, we recommend starting with just a single drop before increasing dosages to recommended amounts. Again, always increase dosages slowly so that you aren’t putting too much stress on your pet’s body.

For those that are new to CBD for pets, a general guideline for finding the ideal dosage is simple. We recommend 1mg of CBD for every 10lbs your pet weighs. So if your cat weighs 20lbs, 2mg of CBD daily should be enough to provide relief. However, if you have an 80lb Dog, 8mg of CBD might be too much or not enough.

Every pet is different. As a result, we always recommend starting your doses low and working your way up slowly. In addition, we recommend keeping a log or diary for your pet. This will help you track their intake and ensure they are receiving the best care possible.


Fortify 250, Fortify 500, Fortify 1000


Creating Brighter Days

2 reviews for Creating Better Days Fortify CBD Pet Tinctures

  1. Tammy

    Thank you, thank you, thnk you so much for carrying this product. I have a senior dog with bad arthritis in his hips, The Fortify CBD helps him get up and get moving, brings a smile to my face and his

  2. Bea

    My cat has suffered from stomache problems for most of his adult life, nothing seems to really help him not be upset. Nothing that is until I found this CBD tincture online. He’s happy and running around and I owe it all to this wonderful product. Not to mention the staff was super helpful and my package came so quickly. I really cannot say how much I appreciate it guys.

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