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Enigma Cubensis Mutated Magic Mushrooms

Enigma Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Enigma) is a very special and rare blob mutation of the P. Cubensis mushrooms that do not sporulate. That means that this mutation is not able to reproduce itself by producing and spreading spores like conventional mushroom fruits. This is a very rare strain of Magic Mushrooms and we can’t guarantee that it will be in stock for long or that we can restock it.

The Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis produces a blob-like formation that somewhat looks like a brain. It is reported to be exceptionally potent, and these reports have been confirmed by laboratory testing as an Enigma mutation won the Psilocybin Cup testing at just over 3.8% Tryptamine content!

The Enigma mutation was first found as a Penis Envy X B+ hybrid (TidalWave); however, there are now Enigma-like mutations that have been observed in several other varieties. This Enigma comes from the original TidalWave mutation.

Botanical info

The physical characteristics of this variety typically consist of a thick, dense blob of mycelium that often forms a rippling pattern reminiscent of the human brain. Enigma blobs can take several months to form, and they increase in potency the longer they are left. They can be grown in a similar fashion to other Cubensis, and they are ready to harvest when they begin to turn blue. The blobs are dense and slow growing, contributing to their extremely high potency.

Enigma is a mutation of the Tidal Wave shrooms strain originating from the ever-popular B+ and Penis Envy magic mushrooms strains. Because this strain does not reproduce itself through spores, it is propagated through cloning which is a tedious process. Although this is one of the slower-growing mushrooms, it can be 3-5 times more potent than most other magic mushrooms. This strain is not recommended for beginners.


After 10-30 minutes of consuming Enigma Magic Mushrooms, you will feel your mood enhanced with euphoria and excitement. Depending on the dosage, you will experience mild to intense visual enhancements. Things may seem like they are breathing, the nature around you will feel more alive and you will find yourself in introspective thought. Music and art will look and feel different and you will have a higher appreciation, and you may relate the music or art to yourself on a more personal level.

How to use Enigma Magic Mushrooms

The recommended dose to start for other, milder Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is typically between 1.0 and 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms per 100 pounds of body weight. However, due to their increased potency, you should reduce this dosage by at least 30-50% for Enigma Magic Mushrooms.

The exact amount to take depends on what kind of experience you want. You could, for example, try microdosing Enigma mushrooms for a more manageable, easily integrated psychedelic experience. Follow these dosage guidelines to start your journey with enigma envy mushrooms:

  • Micro – 0.1g to 0.5g
  • Mild – 0.5g to 1.0g
  • Medium – 1.0g to 2.0g
  • Strong – 2.0g to 3.0g

If you’re choosing Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis for a first-time trip, we strongly suggest that you ask a spotter to be present for you. This could be someone close and trusted who is either completely sober or a psychonaut who is a seasoned, well-informed tripper. Enigma will give you a seriously intense first-time trip, so it might be worth experimenting with milder strains like Alacabenzi Cubensis to start calibrating your expectations.

Whatever you choose, you should share your trip with people you enjoy being around. Mushrooms bring down a lot of emotional defences and barriers. It is therefore of vital importance that you only partake when you have plenty of time (24 hours minimum) and are around people you sincerely trust. This can be a fun, potentially profound or even life-changing experience. As a result, it is worth taking the time to set it up properly to maximize your enjoyment. This will mostly eliminate any chance of having a bad trip. With good people, good vibes and a sound state of mind, you’ll have a great time.

Experiment with the dosage by starting small. As it takes 10-50 minutes to begin taking effect, chose 0.5-1 gram or less for a beginner, 1-2 grams for infrequent users and 2.5 grams and over for experienced trippers.

Understand that every time you ingest another dose, you stand to lengthen and intensify a trip that could already last 6 hours. Having plenty of time to experiment will eliminate any worry you might experience about this, which will in turn make your trip more enjoyable. The less you have to worry about overall, the better your trip will be.

3 reviews for Enigma Cubensis

  1. Anonymous

    Such a lovely journey

  2. Dave

    Potent in the best way – comes up fast and was very uplifting experience

  3. Fernando

    Holy shit! These have a reputation and trust me it’s well deserved. . I took a third of my usual dose, I figured we’ll see how powerful this shroom is. and the answer is that it kept my body nailed to my seat for a few hours but don’t ask me where my mind was. Next time i’ll probably take it down to 25% of my usual dose and I know this time what to expect. By all means try these! Now you can take my advice or not but I’ve been doing psychedelics since the 1970’s and these shrooms must come from another reality!

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