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375mg of DMT per Cart

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DMT Vape Carts

Portal has designed an easy-to-use DMT Vape Cart that works with your standard 510-threaded vape pen. Shake the cartridge well before each use and attach it to any battery, preferably with a higher temperature option. You will achieve the best results if you inhale slowly and consistently to create a dense vapour and hold it in your lungs for 20 seconds. It may take up to 3 attempts to achieve a “breakthrough.” Each Portal DMT Vape Cart contains 0.5ml of DMT. These are the best DMT Vape Carts in Canada, give them a try and you’ll love them.


DMT, also known as “the spirit molecule,” is a hallucinogenic that occurs naturally in many plants and animals. It produces effects very similar to common psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD, but these effects are much more concentrated. A DMT trip is different from psilocybin or LSD because it takes you to a place “out of this world” instead of modifying your relationship with the current one. In most instances, people use DMT by smoking it. However, various cultures have brewed and prepared ayahuasca for ritual and religious purposes dating back thousands of years.

DMT is a crystalline powder derived from certain plants native to Mexico, South America, and Asia. These plants include Phalaris, Delosperma, Acacia, Desmodium, Mimosa, Virola, and Psychotria. The chemical root structure of DMT expertly binds with both the adrenal and serotonin receptors in the brain, particularly the serotonin 5-ht2a receptor. This receptor interacts directly with the visual cortex and is the primary target of most hallucinogenics.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has a significant effect on most of our brain cells. Serotonin is one of our essential hormones and impacts your entire body. Not only does it help forge neural pathways between brain cells, but it also helps to regulate sleeping, eating, and digestion. There is evidence that DMT is also produced naturally in the human body. Some hypothesize that the body releases DMT at both instances of birth and death, which is why people have vivid memory flashbacks during near-death experiences.

When smoked, the average dose of DMT is somewhere between 30 to 150mg. Users can feel the onset of effects almost instantly. The effects peak and plateau for 3 to 5 minutes and gradually drop off with the duration of effect totalling 30 to 45 minutes. When consumed as a brew like ayahuasca, the average dose is 35 to 75mg. You can expect to feel the effects after 30 to 45 minutes, with the peak coming after 2 to 3 hours. The total length of an ingested DMT trip lasts upwards of 4 to 6 hours.

Effects of DMT

As with most hallucinogens, DMT affects everyone a little differently. Some enjoy it tremendously, having “life-changing” experiences. Others can find the experience overwhelming and leave with a negative memory, primarily due to the intense psychoactive effects of DMT. People have described the effects of DMT like they were “travelling through a tunnel of bright lights and shapes at warp speed.”

Others detail out-of-body experiences or see themselves as changed into something else. In some more extreme cases, people claim to have been transported to another world or dimension and interacted with strange beings. Other effects include an altered sense of time, depersonalization, euphoria, feeling as if you’re floating, and vivid hallucinations.

Expect to get very quiet and introspective. Generally, once the effects take hold you will feel a heaviness in your body that makes it very unlikely that you’ll want to move. While you’ll also see vivid visuals, especially while your eyes are closed your thoughts will be relatively lucid. This author often gets deep introspective realizations while in the middle of a DMT trip.

DMT trips can be very subjective to the person, their mood, how much food is in their stomach, the location, and the atmosphere. The more that you focus on the high and encourage your trip the better your experience will be. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you’re using it at the right time and in the right location. Any distractions will reduce the effects and experience. Don’t expect to jump from a magical visual to real life and then right back to the visual if you close your eyes.

Most users have an enjoyable time while consuming DMT and find renewed inner peace when they come down from the ‘High.’ Most have a nice deep sleep that night and wake up with zero aftereffects.

It can be harmful to those at risk for heart disease and high blood pressure as it spikes heart rate and blood pressure rapidly.

As mentioned before, the duration of effects depends on many factors, but a typical DMT trip lasts 10-30 minutes. Usually, there will be 10-15 minutes when the effects are maximized. Expect to be lucid but fairly immobilized during this period. After that initial deep high there will be another 10-20 minutes where you’re in an in-between state. You’ll likely start being a little more vocal, possibly sharing your experience with a friend. The visuals will be lesser but you’ll likely still notice energy outlines around others. This is often the point where a decision is made to consume more and go back in or to hold off.

How to use DMT

The difference between an amazing experience and a mediocre experience can be made with proper preparation. Here are some tricks to make your experience truly special.

  • Avoid consuming DMT on a full stomach, it’ll reduce its effectiveness.
  • If using a variable voltage pen like the Voltair, it’s best to use a Medium to Higher heat setting.
  • Find the right environment, if you plan on doing it with friends, make sure that you’re all on the same wavelength. Typically once you’ve started to use DMT you get very quiet and introspective. Distractions of any sort, such as friends asking you questions or talking to you will significantly take away from the experience.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable, you’ll have little desire to move during a trip, ideally sitting down or lying down.
  • While the best visuals happen with your eyes closed it’s beneficial to have the right atmosphere. It’s great to do outside, or if inside, I favour somewhere comfy with ‘fractals’ or ‘trippy’ visuals from youtube in the background.
  • Sometimes audio can help spur the trip; it’s ideal that it’s not distracting from the trip so I’d suggest avoiding music with strong vocals, generally, instrumental/electronic music is beneficial.
  • Take long deep pulls until your lungs feel full and then hold it for as long as is comfortable. Do this as many times as you need until you’ve reached the level of effect desired.

These are the best DMT Vape carts found online in Canada for the price. Use Portal DMT Vape Carts to take yourself to other dimensions.

37 reviews for Portal DMT Vape Carts

  1. Carl

    Love you guys,top notch

  2. Ramanjeet

    Very good product

  3. Elliot

    This was a convenient well balanced vape cart . I was able to provide for 4 friends who were interested in a time when I had nothing to provide them and it didn’t break the bank . It’s important to remember to fully charge your battery first with this as it requires it to be at high setting to fully experience . I have worked with both mimosa and acacia in the past 8 years and consider what I do to be second to none . This is on par with the product quality . This is the only shop I’ve ever been able to say that about . Everyone else is to focused on money to care about providing medicine to those in need . That sets them apart from the rest . I would rely on them again without second thought in the future .

  4. Marie

    I love this

  5. Bruno

    Léger parfait pour les débutants,😊

  6. Anonymous

    I deal with anxiety and depression and this was a total game changer for me. The cartridge also makes use less of a hassle. The ease of use is well worth it!

  7. Bryce

    Was very excited to try this cart and it did not disappoint.

  8. Chantal

    Loved it

  9. Courtney

    Ive tried a few DMT vapes and in terms of value for money this was one of the best

  10. Heidi

    Awesome product

  11. Tristan

    Great dmt, had a fun time

  12. Jad

    Does the trick! the taste is a bit much, which makes me want to try actual dmt! thank you for the great selection

  13. Ramzi

    Great Product

  14. Bea

    The best stuff everr!!

  15. Jean-Francois

    Nice product. I’m going to order more

  16. Chris

    superb dmt

  17. Jordan

    Dmt vape is great. hits like many I have had before. I enjoy pens because it’s a great way to get used to the dmt world and also explore the shallow end of the pool. if you are only going after break through doses get the dmt freebase. i think both are a must eventually. have fun!

  18. Dimitri

    Amazing very professional service. I ordered Monday. Response within one hour. Shipping tracking information received next day. Product delivered same week Wednesday. Three days from ordering to my mailbox.
    Product is outstanding. I am very favourably impressed.
    Will be back for more for sure.

  19. Anonymous

    Havent tried it yet, but im sure i wont be dissapointed.

  20. Chasey

    Was not even close in comparison to the raw crystals but with the amount I consume its no wonder I felt absolutely nothing off the vape but I blame myself for that one either way it was a good tie over till my next order arrived so was happy about that thanks

  21. Anonymous


  22. Kyle

    Received a damaged cartridge. Wouldn’t pull. Sent an email explaining the situation. Heard back almost immediately and they sent me a new one. Free of charge. Was really impressed with how quickly and efficiently they resolved the situation. Great product too!

  23. Guillaume

    Excellent service =)

  24. Anonymous

    Life changing

  25. Stacey

    Excellent product. Will order again in the future!

  26. Stacey

    I was extremely skeptical when ordering this product from this site. A lot of sites out there offer fake products or even crappy ones, but this? Perfect.. If you are hesitating on purchasing this, don’t be. It’s safe and easy to use. The trip is wonderful, peaceful, and a lot of fun! I suggest you use this cart with a fully charged battery each time. Highly recommended from a former skeptic!

  27. Kyle

    Very much enjoyed the product. Perfect for casual usage and the real deal. Should you want to achieve breakthrough

  28. Melanie

    Fantastic design ! The wooden tip is a nice touch .

  29. Michael

    Fantastic product!

  30. Shawn

    Very enjoyable

  31. Shawn


  32. Shawn

    Great product and fast delivery

  33. Brendan

    Buckle up

  34. Jordan

    Great product be prepared a journey

  35. Jesse

    I havent blasted off with it yet, just took 1 hit to make sure it was DMT, and it was.

  36. Tom

    These are trippy, 🤣.
    But seriously, they’re pretty fun, I’ve never seen visuals like that before.


    I have no words for the beauty behind this device.

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