Dancing Tiger Cubensis

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Dancing Tiger Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms are psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, anecdotally referred to as southwest China (Psilocybe Cubensis China) and known as laughing dancing mushrooms! The mushroom caps are chestnut brown to golden, sometimes with a white ring around the outside of the cap.

Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms (also known as China Dancing Tiger) is a relatively new Psilocybe Cubensis strain originating from a Mycologist known as Agar. Agar received the spores from China in the year 2007, and it was described to him by the sender (a Chinese mycology student) as “laughing dancing mushrooms.” From this point, Agar named the strain appropriately as the Dancing Tiger. Some folks may still refer to it as P. Cubensis China, as it is the only known strain from China.

The “laughing dancing mushrooms” have a history in China dating back 800 years. Whether these mushrooms were native to China or whether the Spores travelled through trade ships is unclear. We can be sure though, the Dancing Tiger shrooms started growing and flourishing in South West China.

Despite this great story, many insist on calling Dancing Tiger Dried Magic Mushrooms – China Magic Mushrooms instead. This is because it is the only magic mushroom originating from China. However, even this is often contested as how it got to China or whether its native to China remains unclear. All we know is that it has been found in China for over 800 years!

Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms are a moderate potency strain that is great for enjoyment with friends or by yourself. This strain is known to produce an energetic visual and body high. As the name suggests, it is a social strain that is great for laughing and dancing.

2 reviews for Dancing Tiger Cubensis

  1. Anonymous

    Haven’t tried it yet!

  2. Jordan

    Had to get them on name alone. great trip. how can you not have a fun time with Dancing tigers? Shrooms looked great and were uniform throughout. I enjoy trying different strains. glad to have this one off bucket list. would even buy again. Go put on some music and get dancing to the Tiger!

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